My Favorite Quotes
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 Yuri Cunza - “I took him to a good professional counselor. I think the language barrier was a problem.”
 Yuri Cunza - “He was hurt deeply and he wanted himself not to be alive anymore.”
 Yuri Cunza - “Luis is a young man that has serious responsibilities on his shoulders, not only as a husband but as a brother trying to be that role model. He has a way to escape from the seriousness through an affair. He was not looking for it but finds himself in the middle of it.”
 Yuri Cunza - “If he's looking for an opportunity to engage in dialogue and get to know the community better, this may be one way.”
 Yuri Cunza - “It's become enticing to the criminal element that are preying on the challenges (of the Hispanic community). I'm not saying law enforcement doesn't care, but there are some adjustments that need to be made.”