My Favorite Quotes
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 Tom Curle - “With three days, you practice more what you're going to do than look at the other teams. We'll give them a little bit of a scouting report in the hotel room, but that'll be about it.”
 Tom Curle - “We won the game without Travis on the floor which is a good indication that the team can come together when someone goes down.”
 Tom Curle - “It was tied at 55 apiece and they went on 23-2 run over the next 600 and we just couldn't hit a shot. (Travis) Gorham got hurt and we had a little lull and didn't really get out of it.”
 Tom Curle - “Kris Gibb-Smith hit a three 22 seconds into the second half and we showed we were still focused. I was very pleased. We didn't get sloppy and the players were remarking about how we have playoffs to prepare for and we can't let down -- Travis Gorham in particular took on a leadership role there.”
 Tom Curle - “He's getting to the rim, but he's still having trouble elevating, which is frustrating for him.”
 Tom Curle - “I told the team at the end we could have picked a tournament to go and win and not get any better. But in the long run, it'll make us a stronger team for it. We proved that we could play with these teams for a long time. These games will help.”
 Tom Curle - “We shot well. We didn't make maybe our first three shots, but they were so open that we knew if we made the extra pass, we could get any shot we wanted.”
 Tom Curle - “The options were Travis in the post, Kris coming off a stagger-screen, or Anthony. And Anthony did a great job of making the right decision. That was a shot he made for the team, not a shot he made for himself. He looked at his other two options first and they weren't there. He took the best option available and he's a good enough player to make it.”
 Keith Curle - “There will be a lot of players out of contract this summer, so I am giving them the opportunity to earn new contracts before the stampede in June.”
 Keith Curle - “This will no doubt be one of a number of discussions I have with players as we strengthen this season, and look forward to the next campaign.”
 Keith Curle - “We've done everything right as far as an approach is concerned and now we are waiting for an answer.”
 Tom Curle - “The morale of the team is very good. They know what's ahead of them and they're pretty confident. We've had some tough stretches this season, but the sign of a good team is what you learn from those stretches.”
 Keith Curle - “The lads have reacted positively to the new regime and hopefully we will see positive results emerging from the sessions. We are keen to get back into action and get the disappointment of last Saturday out of our systems.”