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 Brian Curran - “They are the best team in the league until someone knocks them off. We gave up two goals in the first period that we never should have given up. Then, we had some great chances that their goalie made great saves on.”
 Bob Curran - “He had a couple open looks there and (being a) good player, he knocked them down.”
 Brian Curran - “You have to have good communication with the person that's doing the massage. Massage is very personal.”
 John Curran - “The threats out there are all manageable. We don't have a silver bullet against any of them, but there is nothing that can't be overcome with good practices.”
 Brian Curran - “This was our game in hand with Motor City and we knew Richmond had already killed Missouri, so we had to win this. This was a great win for the team, They deserved this after what they went through.”
 Sean Curran - “He is only a harm to himself, and the real shame here would be if he did not receive the treatment he needs.”
 Bob Curran - “We actually put heart-rate monitors on the kids and they practiced with them. That way, I could tell who was working hard and who was not. That was just tremendous for us.”
 Brian Curran - “They were awesome. I'm not going to come up with any excuses. They played very inspirational hockey tonight.”
 Rick Curran - “John has suggested there is continued interest in having Bryan. We're willing to be patient. He would prefer to stay in Toronto.”
 John Curran - “There are so many machines connected to the Internet, you will see ... attempts to sweep a whole range of Internet addresses looking for hosts that have weaknesses. It's like testing doorknobs.”
 Kevin Curran - “The lesser countries seem to get poor decisions all the time. It's not acceptable.”
 Pat Curran - “We put it in our newsletter, what day and what time we're going to start.”
 Sean Curran - “He is going to get stopped every time a police officer looks at him because of his notoriety.”
 Bob Curran - “For such a young team, the schedule worked out perfect. It really gave us a lot of practice time.”
 Brian Curran - “He's being too hard on himself. I will say, when you see Chad with the puck on his stick in that position, you expect it to be in the net. It didn't happen this time, but he's the last guy I'd be pointing fingers at with all he's done for us.”
 Tom Curran - “It's for the steelworkers. When they get off of work (for lunch) they throw it all together in one sandwich and get back to work. It's a Pittsburgh tradition.”
 Brian Curran - “The tradition of the team is one where they've always won, ... Quite frankly, I want a championship. I have a desire to build a team that will win championships. That's a great challenge, and I look forward to it immensely.”
 Jim Curran - “K-2 Triumph and Tragedy”
 Brian Curran - “I believe in myself pretty good, but to tell you the truth I was worried whether we could put it together. What I did was go out and find as many good character guys as I could and try to build on that.”
 Bob Curran - “We didn't give up, which is nice. These kids want to win they are just young in a lot of ways. I told them that when you watch an NBA game, you don't see guys running around confused about what they're doing.”
 Bob Curran - “It was really weird. I talked to my wife -- I think we were 10-6 (when the rumor took hold). All of a sudden, we finished 11-15. I don't know if that had anything to do with it.”
 Carly Curran - “That's what we were really excited about at the beginning of the year, the whole teamwork thing and playing more as a team instead of just relying on two people. I think we've stepped up and done that.”
 Brian Curran - “It's a 2-2 series now and they are guaranteed at least another game in their building. If people want to be negative about this, they're coming to the wrong person.”
 Jim Curran - “He was in a lot of pain, and you could see it on his face, ... He was in and out of it. He just wanted something to drink. I gave him Gatorade.”
 Jim Curran - “I could feel for the guy, ... I knew what kind of pain he was in. I went through it. I am still recovering. They say it takes more than year to recover from third-degree burns. He had those levels of burns.”

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