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 David Currier - “I have heard it being talked about, ... My understanding is its to make things run more efficiently, to give me the authority to do my job.”
 Shannon Currier - “I think it's good to build any program with freshmen, so you can bring them in, they can learn your system, they can develop in your program.”
 Shannon Currier - “Mike will be a very good cover corner(back). He has good speed and comes from an outstanding high school program.”
 Dennis Currier - “Kyle can play either right back or left back. He is a tenacious defender that has a big heart. He's excelled both on and off the field and he will bring an excellent work rate to UD.”
 David Currier - “It's a great honor and a total surprise.”
 Danielle Currier - “When they look across the room and see that three-quarters of the people there have their hands up, it's like, Wow, I had no idea.”
 Shannon Currier - “I expect some to contribute, but at the same time, I think we'll be a lot more experienced as a team.”
 David Currier - “People need to understand that the money we put (at the Kingston site) now may go down the drain later,”
 Shannon Currier - “A lot of people will have that mentality of Why Truman, but I'll tell you what - we have a lot of good things at Truman. The people who go to school here are pretty fortunate. I'm fortunate to be here. We have the best academics in the conference. Our kids are getting jobs. We've just been named the No. 1 school in the conference for graduation rate. That's what you talk about.”
 Amy Currier - “We're shooting to hold our meetings earlier. We hope to start March 6, before midterm break.”
 Dr. Currier - “I have a huge amount of respect for the leadership in Bay St. Louis. Everyone is absolutely committed to finding a way to make this work.”
 David Currier - “I have heard it being talked about, ... My understanding is its to make things run more efficiently, to give me the authority to do my job.”
 Shannon Currier - “Because we have so many guys in our program currently, we don't need the numbers. We just need to keep finding quality guys, guys who can make a difference.”
 Amy Currier - “Once our budget is recouped from our preorders and sales that week, that's usually the time we lower prices. We need to make it back up for the office to run the rest of the year.”
 David Currier - “Even the kids that haven't achieved like those kids have come out of our program with a work ethic and discipline and to lead good lives, whether they're in the work force or professional athletes. It's a great honor and I appreciate it.”
 Shannon Currier - “Some guys thrive on having the ball in their hands at critical times, and that's what we're looking for. We need more guys to say, 'Coach, give me the ball,' when it's third-and-10 ... The defense should want to be on the field when we need a fourth-down stop. That's what playmakers do, and we think we have a lot of those kids in our program right now.”
 Shannon Currier - “We are always looking for defensive players. A great defense will keep the team in every game, just like the Chicago Bears.”
 Shannon Currier - “Right now, we're not quite done on defense. We still have a couple guys we're waiting on.”
 Amy Currier - “We're not sure if slow sweatshirt sales are due to cost or the warm weather.”
 Shannon Currier - “We're so much deeper, and there's so much more competition. Not only do coaches see it, but players see it as well. Any time you have some competition at a position, it really makes everyone a lot better.”
 Shannon Currier - “If they didn't have the grades to get in here out of high school, then no matter what they do in junior college, they're still not going to be accepted into Truman. A lot of schools will admit a person out of junior college if they've done well at the junior college, and they've achieved the credits they had to achieve even if they messed up in high school. That's the difference.”
 Danielle Currier - “What is important in talking about the culture of violence against women is that it is hard to talk about it - because a lot of people want to pretend that it doesn't happen, and that particularly in colleges, where you have very close social networks, it's something, if a woman is raped or sexually assaulted, she's not going to want to talk about it, because it's going to affect her friendship network. And the guy who does it might be in one of her classes - or be the friend of a friend.”
 Dr. Currier - “My concern is a single concern - can we keep a safety net under patients so they don't end up in a health crisis just because they cannot get medicine or care I don't think the system is meeting the needs of the uninsured right now. It's overwhelmed.”
 Dr. Currier - “The problem is that most employers and businesses are not back, and that means many people are still without health insurance or a way to pay for medical care.”
 Amy Currier - “What we're doing is getting people, primarily Truman students, to go out and read a book having to do with diversity to grade-school age children.”

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