My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul McCurtain - “Looks like everything occurred on the scene at the house.”
 Paul McCurtain - “The students had the idea. They wanted to do something.”
 Paul McCurtain - “We feel that will reduce the number of rear-end collisions.”
 Brent Curtain - “He just wants people to know that if you're thinking going out of bounds, consider the conditions and make sure you know what you're doing.”
 Paul McCurtain - “We are very aggressive with sex offenders. It makes no difference with us, adults or juveniles. We make phone calls, home visits. There are (officers) that routinely check the registry to make sure an offender is (in compliance).”
 Brent Curtain - “We opened just in the nick of time, and we were still able to catch a good portion of our Christmas business.”
 Brent Curtain - “The only thing we don't have open right now is the Outback and we are focusing all our attention on that right now.”