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 Joe Curtin - “We're not blowing this off, ... If the Army thinks it's in its interest to investigate something, we will. There are multiple challenges here. One is the anonymity of the sources, dates, times, locations, units, anything that is reasonably identifiable that we can work off of.”
 Richard Curtin - “Anxiety about the war and terrorism is still a factor. There is greater anxiety about energy prices and the possibility of having a colder-than-normal winter.”
 Richard Curtin - “Consumers judged their current finances much more favorably due to declines in gas prices, and were more likely to anticipate additional financial gains during the year ahead.”
 Richard Curtin - “TEC firms reported that substantial gains in the overall economy have already occurred. They anticipate continued gains during the year ahead.”
 Richard Curtin - “Consumer spending will weaken in the months ahead.”
 Richard Curtin - “High gas prices had a devastating impact on consumers' budgets and caused consumers to expect a worsening financial situation during the year ahead.”
 Richard Curtin - “If the economy produces jobs at a more rapid rate in the months ahead, these apprehensions of consumers could quickly fade.”
 Richard Curtin - “Consumers have become increasingly pessimistic about their future income and job prospects, and as a result will continue to slow the pace of their spending during months ahead.”
 John Curtin - “After meeting five times since forming in May, the Committee to Close the Achievement Gap delivered its first report to the Board of Education last week. The striking thing that we're finding is the consistency of the gap over time, ... The same gaps exist that existed during the last five years.”
 John Curtin - “The concern is, with the extension of that program, a lot of the vendors that are designing and scoring these tests are dealing with volumes of tests that they have not experienced before, as the testing program in essence doubles this spring across the country. It's a high-stakes test, and accuracy is so important.”
 Richard Curtin - “Consumers view high gas prices as a threat to their living standards and a threat to the ability of the economy to create new jobs.”
 Andy Curtin - “I said to myself, 'What's wrong What could fix this' ... You would need someone with ability and time, and the only ones are retired coaches -- the more stature the better.”

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