My Favorite Quotes
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 Stephanie Cutter - “Senator Kennedy has been waiting for the right invitation. He's a huge fan of Jon Stewart and he's very much looking forward to this.”
 Stephanie Cutter - “Senator Kennedy has been waiting for the right invitation.”
 Susan Cutter - “you do find characteristically that there are a large number of industrial facilities located next to poor communities.”
 Stephanie Cutter - “What is news if you have great pictures”
 Stephanie Cutter - “use wedge issues and the politics of fear to divide the nation.”
 Susan Cutter - “They give them money for gas masks but not for how are you going to mitigate for a natural disaster.”
 Stephanie Cutter - “We need to get Americans working again. We're not going to do that with tax cuts for the wealthy. We need to invest in middle America.”
 Stephanie Cutter - “Ridiculous, ... there is nothing like Iowa and New Hampshire to make somebody look better.”
 Stephanie Cutter - “if, A, we could have paid for it, and, B, we had a responsible policy in Iraq.”
 Susan Cutter - “Natural systems are resilient and bounce back. The problem is when we try to control nature, rather than letting her do what she does.”
 Susan Cutter - “It's the new pork. Disaster declarations are a way you can pump federally mandated monies into communities without going through Congress.”
 Susan Cutter - “Given the complexities of emergency management in this country, and the increasing professionalism of the community, it seems curious to me that we wouldn't appoint someone who comes out of that tradition.”
 Stephanie Cutter - “It will be an issue. When it comes down to it, he's on the wrong side of civil rights.”
 Stephanie Cutter - “We hope that those who want to see change in America, and to return to a track of prosperity and progress, better health care and new and better jobs, will unite behind the Democratic nominee for president -- whoever that may be.”
 Stephanie Cutter - “We are calling the Pinellas County Democratic Party chair about this ad and demand that it be retracted, ... John Kerry does not condone this type of advertising and believes that it is wrong.”
 Susan Cutter - “What concerns me, ... is sudden-onset events such as earthquakes, tornadoes, chemical spills, nuclear power plant accidents and potential terrorist threats.”