My Favorite Quotes
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 Donna Cyrus - “They're businesswomen and they have to wear heels so they want to understand how to look better in them and feel confident.”
 Donna Cyrus - “The Stiletto Strength class works on your core, legs and ankles so that you can go from flip-flops to heels without the pain.”
 Donna Cyrus - “For so many of our clients in New York everybody this summer wore flat shoes... then all the sudden autumn hit and everybody thought, 'Oh my, I am back in my high-heeled shoes and I have to adjust myself have to how I am going to be able to walk around the city.”
 Donna Cyrus - “We're also teaching a little bit of attitude so you're not just feeling long and lean, but you're feeling a little spunky when you're walking down the street and giving yourself a little oomph there.”
 Donna Cyrus - “He said 'You know, the answer is women shouldn't wear heels.”