My Favorite Quotes
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 Dallas Clark - “Next question. One-hundred sixteen That's a lot of games. It shows you his consistency, his dependability. He's always there, always ready to play.”
 Dallas Clark - “There are so many good players out there who never truly get to shine, ... They get back, get rolling, then there's another injury. That's the last thing you want is to get that injury label on you.”
 Dallas Clark - “The only time we really feel pressure is when we're not scoring more points than our opponents. We're doing our job, getting better, and the points will come.”
 Dallas Clark - “It's going to be hard without him. You can't replace 10 years of experience, and that's what he had and what we all got from him. But he's only a phone call away.”
 Dallas Clark - “Let people pick the game apart as much as they want. Let them be as critical as they want. We got the 'W.' That's all we're worried about right now.”
 Dallas Clark - “I've just got to be more consistent and be reliable for the offense.”
 Dallas Clark - “There's not so much pressure on one person anymore. We're not just sitting back watching one guy. We all have more confidence in each other, but he's just as in charge as he ever was.”
 Dallas Clark - “They pretty much stayed in their base defense and waited for us to make a mistake. But we did a good job of taking care of the ball and Peyton made some really good decisions out there.”