My Favorite Quotes
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 Damon Huard - “They really don't, ... There's so many games and so many plays involved that you never think it's going to come down to one play or one snap. But he had a way of pointing out what's really important. He knew when to hoot-and-holler and when to pull back.”
 Damon Huard - “It's at Pitt, huh Well, I'm pulling for Charlie. I hope Notre Dame wins.”
 Damon Huard - “I was pushing for that and was in his corner, ... I thought he'd be a great fit. But then they UW stayed in-house, obviously.”
 Damon Huard - “The main thing was that he genuinely cared about us as people, ... And in pro football, that's pretty rare.”
 Damon Huard - “That whole situation with Tom and Drew, that was a pretty trying time, ... A lot of times in the room, it wasn't the greatest working environment per se, but Charlie always found a way to make us all work together and make everybody get along.”
 Damon Huard - “Charlie Weis is as good of an offensive mind as I've been around. He's the best game-day coach I've ever been around. I'm a fan of his and the way he was able to motivate the offense and help people make plays and get them to win.”