My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Andriano - “We don't want to take ourselves too seriously. We're not like this gothic, brooding, sitting-around-with-wine-in-silver-goblets, kind of Hot Topic thing.”
 Dan Andriano - “We figured it's about time we tried to put on a really good show. It's hard to do that when you're going out drinking every night.”
 Dan Andriano - “We just want to write songs. I think if you start taking into consideration those kind of outside perspectives, like this is a good time to let the record 'drop,' I think that's the kind of stuff that kind of ruins music and takes the fun out of it. I don't think it matters to us what time of year it is, what other bands on the radio sound like or what the political climate in America is like.”
 Dan Andriano - “I don't understand people who don't like good production. It drives me crazy. We hear all the time from people who prefer the way our first records sounded, but if we had more money and time back then, we would have made them sound better. I always want our albums to sound more polished, as they say. Polished is the point for what we do.”
 Dan Andriano - “The front row of people is 50 feet away, which throws you off. But the crowd reaction was pretty amazing, from what I could see. Rocking that many people, that's something I'd like to get used to doing.”
 Dan Andriano - “It's flattering, but you start to wonder whether people that are becoming fans of all the bands that have taken on that look know where it's coming from. I'm not saying we invented it -- we drew influence from the Damned and the Misfits -- but it wasn't very popular when we started doing it. It's strange, but if you start worrying about stuff like that, it becomes less about being a songwriter and more about trying to control what's going on in some kind of scene.”
 Dan Andriano - “Basically, we're letting our fan club pick a third of our set.”
 Dan Andriano - “The show is kind of like a celebration. We're all just very much in love with what we do. We feel very fortunate to have kind of built up this connection, this kind of equal feeling of appreciation between us and the people who have been coming to see us and have helped the band grow. It's about them as much as it's about us.”