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 Dan Ayres - “We know that digging razor clams is a holiday tradition for a lot of families, and the tides cooperated this year.”
 Dan Ayres - “Those who wait could face long lines at licensing outlets on the coast,. Nobody wants to be standing in line to buy a license at low tide.”
 Dan Ayres - “It's a little down, but nothing to worry about. It's still in the range of good digging possibilities.”
 Dan Ayres - “Digging was very successful during Nov. 12-15, and there was over 20,000 people who participated. The weather always plays a big factor, but I expect it to be equally as good.”
 Dan Ayres - “We're especially pleased that we'll be able to offer folks the opportunity to dig their way into the new year, with the low tide on New Year's Eve.”
 Dan Ayres - “Starting in April, the lowest tides are in the morning, so that's when we schedule the digs. These morning digs tend to be very popular, partly because we often get good weather.”
 Dan Ayres - “Success really depended on where you were at, and we had people that also got their 15-clam daily limits. I was at Ocean Shores on New Year's Eve and some diggers were over their limit, but the crowd was half of what we expected.”
 Dan Ayres - “It is a really classic Northwest way to ring in the New Year, that's for sure. If the weather is good, it's going to be great.”
 Dan Ayres - “It's important to come prepared. Particularly during night digs, we also ask people to keep a close eye on young children.”