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 Daniel Alfredsson - “We know they're going to be a tough test. They're a strong team, they've got a lot of speed. We've had tough games against them all year and this should be a good series.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “They played well in the first period and got up 2-0 on us. We scored some big short-handed goals that really got us going. It seemed like we were waiting for something to happen and when it did, we took over.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “Some games will have more chances, more goals. It's as long as we get the W (that matters).”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “We kind of game them two of the three goals in the first period with mistakes we made. It's hard to play on the road that way.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “But you learn from it and you move on. Nobody can take this (pointing at his gold medal) away from us, either.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “When the team plays well, good things happen for the individuals as well. I got some good breaks tonight and was able to put them away.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “They put some good pressure on us. It started with a penalty, it got them momentum and we couldn't stop it. That's something we have to get better at, there's no question about it.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “That turned the game definitely in our favor. When we got a 4-minute penalty after that, I think we controlled the game pretty good.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “I told myself not to try to think about it too much. I felt not bad actually, not super but pretty good overall. It was a good win especially because we wanted to get off to a good start and this is a team we should beat.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “I'm happy it was Fisher, ... because he's pretty good-looking.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “I think we were in a situation (with Martin) where we knew all the drills by heart. We'd do some different things, but you kind of knew what was going to happen day-to-day.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “Some things are more important than hockey.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “I hope not, but I think he is. In a short tournament like that, goaltending is huge. He's one of those goalies who can get in other people's heads. If he starts shutting you down after two periods you start thinking, and he's really great that way. He can get in your head for sure.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “They're just trying to showcase themselves. I thought we handled it well.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “I said even before this tournament that I thought seven teams could win this and I really believed that.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “I thought we really played good tonight.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “They've won it. We can play well against them, but, at the same time, we do respect them.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “You always learn from winning. Winning creates good habits. At the same time, it's a total different game over here than it is in the NHL. And it's going to be an adjustment going back to the NHL again.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “I think it's just a coincidence that the North American teams are out. Most of us here have been playing in North America for a long time. Our knowledge of the big ice has been world championships here and there, same for the Canadians and the Americans. I don't see it as an advantage.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “Right now, I think we're playing a team that's struggling and lacking confidence big time, and missing some guys. With the start we got it kind of made them feel like it was going to be a long night and we made sure we didn't let up on anything. We did a great job all night.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “A lot of guys got a lot of ice time. It was nice to see everyone play hard. This was a big win.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “Before the Olympic break he was struggling a little bit, as was the team. I think the break rejuvenated him. Knowing that Dom was injured and he was going to get some playing time helped him relax.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “I don't know why we would be over confident. We respect them and we believe that they're a strong team. We don't think just because we beat them four times during the regular season we should be taking anything for granted.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “We started off not bad in the first but after that I don't know what we were doing. We kind of started playing by ourselves ... and we got caught turning the puck over way too many times and couldn't really find our game.”
 Daniel Alfredsson - “We couldn't even break out of our own end. We weren't supporting each other at all and we were turning the puck over way too many times.”

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