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 Tom Daschle - “I'm going to do as much as possible to draft a resolution that can be supported by the broadest coalition of senators. We have, in my view, come some distance. We've got a long way to go before that can be achieved,”
 Tom Daschle - “We have, in my view, come some distance, ... We got a long way to go before that can be achieved.”
 Tom Daschle - “harass, intimidate or discourage voters.”
 Tom Daschle - “I'd have to say that we could do a lot better than Harvey Pitt in that position today, ... huge disappointment.”
 Tom Daschle - “I disagree with the pardon of Mr. Rich. I think it was inappropriate. But I don't know all the facts, and I can't pass final judgment on it,”
 Tom Daschle - “America can't afford to keep rewarding the accumulation of wealth over the dignity of work, ... Instead of borrowing even more money to give more tax breaks to companies so that they can export even more jobs, we propose tax cuts and policies that will strengthen our manufacturing sector and create good jobs at good wages here at home.”
 Tom Daschle - “America can't afford to keep rewarding the accumulation of wealth over the dignity of work,”
 Tom Daschle - “I cannot recall a time when the gap between the demands we place on our soldiers and the thanks we offer them once they return home has been wider.”
 Tom Daschle - “I asked directly if we could delay this so we could depoliticize it. I said 'Mr. President, I know this is urgent, but why the rush Why do we have to do this now' He looked at Cheney and he looked at me, and there was a half-smile on his face. And he said 'We just have to do this now.'”
 Tom Daschle - “It is time to stop playing defense all the time and start holding every Republican accountable for what they do in Washington.”
 Tom Daschle - “Senators, like everyone else, want to feel a part of this decision-making process. They want to feel included.”
 Tom Daschle - “Sen. Jeffords' decision now produces some changes, ... The historic 50-50 Senate now becomes history. This will be America's first 50-49-1 Senate.”
 Tom Daschle - “a revisit back to the early 1980s -- 3 trillion of debt later.”
 Tom Daschle - “We're going to hit this economy awfully hard in the coming months, ... We will be laying out a plan that is immediate, that is targeted directly to the middle class and that doesn't exacerbate the debt.”
 Tom Daschle - “Second, the tax cut must be fair to all Americans. Third, it must allow us to pay down the debt,”
 Tom Daschle - “I think that there is an implication here, as they've done throughout this debate on Iraq, that if you oppose the president, your patriotism ought to be questioned, ... Meet the Press.”
 Tom Daschle - “Their legislation actually creates a singles penalty that I believe will be the subject of further debate ... their amendment lopsidedly favors those at the very top of the economic scale at the expense of the middle class,”
 Tom Daschle - “We're prepared to go to the debate. We understand that the votes may not be there. We are virtually locked out of any Republican support, in large measure because they appear to be making this a party-line test vote,”
 Tom Daschle - “indicated that he's not really looking for a victory. He just wanted to have a debate.”
 Tom Daschle - “Domestically, I think we spent the most amount of time talking about what do we do with the surplus, which is an unusual situation for us, to be able to have a good debate about the surplus,”
 Tom Daschle - “politicizing the debate about war.”
 Tom Daschle - “We feel very strongly that this wasn't the approach in which we would have chosen to debate this incredibly important issue, ... We are having to deal with very unfair and very unfortunate circumstances, so we will present our case through the amendment process.”
 Tom Daschle - “There are other ways to spend that money, ... In our view, all of these issues are relevant to the debate on the marriage penalty.”
 Tom Daschle - “We ought not politicize the rhetoric about war and life and death.”
 Tom Daschle - “I can't believe that anybody would seriously propose that we trade in death,”

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