My Favorite Quotes
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 Debra Alich - “It's headed up here. The hungry will be living on the same street as the captains of industry.”
 Debra Alich - “These are people who are choosing between food or paying the rent, people who are choosing between food and buying their child a pair of shoes, food and heat in the wintertime. Theyre seniors who are choosing whether to buy food or pay for medicine. Folks are going entire days without anything to eat at all. They are literally going to bed hungry.”
 Debra Alich - “So many families live from paycheck to paycheck. So few have that nest egg anymore.”
 Debra Alich - “Of the 36,000 that were served by the food bank last year, food insecure was about 87 percent.”
 Debra Alich - “The middle class is becoming the working poor. If they have one tragic event -- illness, lost job or a death -- they have need for the food bank.”