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 Michael Donovan - “This will ensure that any future activities on the site, if any, can go forward unimpeded and unrestricted.”
 Billy Donovan - “I still feel it's a learning and growing process for our guys. I'm shocked, unbelievably surprised, that we're 23-6. We've obviously lost a lot of close games, but if you would have told me that Brewer would be out for a stretch and Lee Humphrey would have a separated shoulder, I would have told you we would have had some problems.”
 Anne Donovan - “It feels good (clinching a playoff spot). But there are still two more home games left and we would like to have homecourt advantage with that second seed (in the Western Conference).”
 Shean Donovan - “You lose one and you've got to double-down for the next game. We really want to get our road record better and we've got three games on this road trip to rectify that so we've got to battle to get that done.”
 Shean Donovan - “We want to be in the playoffs and we've got to win these games. It's playoff hockey and it feels like playoff hockey.”
 Billy Donovan - “I would say it's gone the other way with him. I'm not anticipating him back Saturday and I'm not anticipating Corey back at 100 percent right away. We're probably going to have to keep going through this for at least the next couple of games.”
 Billy Donovan - “It was one of those games where we did enough offensively to win the game . . . (but) you've got to defend and rebound better than we did.”
 Billy Donovan - “Tonight was about consecutive stops, and we guarded the 3-point line. If you want to look back and go to a key thing of why we lost three games in a row, check the 3-point line ... that's why we lost.”
 Billy Donovan - “We still have to play the games. At this point in the year, you talk about those things. I don't know what real advantage it gives you except you've got to win three games instead of four.”
 Billy Donovan - “During a tournament, all the games are kind of like this. We were very, very fortunate to win. It could have gone either way.”
 Billy Donovan - “Sometimes it's crazy what these games come down to. It's a play here, a bounce of the ball there. I've been on both sides of it.”
 Billy Donovan - “During the tournament, it seems like all the games are like this. We're very, very fortunate to win. It could've gone either way.”
 Billy Donovan - “In the SEC Tournament if you can get a bye, that's always a great thing. It's certainly very hard playing four consecutive games in a row to win an SEC championship.”
 Billy Donovan - “I think in the SEC tournament if you can get a bye that's always a great thing. It's certainly very hard playing four consecutive games in a row to win an SEC championship.”
 Billy Donovan - “It wasn't just about this game. It was about all the games going back to November.”
 Landon Donovan - “Those four games were just awful, ... I remember going to practice every day, thinking, 'What is it' I was always on the losing team in training, I wasn't playing well, and the guys I were playing with weren't playing well. It bummed me out. It really did. We weren't clicking and when things go bad everybody tries to be a hero and step up and score and do everything instead of just doing their job.”
 Jim Donovan - “In my estimation, this is the best of both worlds given the competitive and exciting outcome of previous games. Plus our local fans will be thrilled to have the Pac-10 play in the game.”
 Jack Donovan - “We are thrilled to televise 110 Cardinal games on FSN Midwest for the third straight season, including the home opener from new Busch Stadium. We look forward to bringing the excitement of the new ballpark into fans' homes, and we're pleased to offer a portion of our television schedule in high-definition.”
 Jack Donovan - “We definitely want to move more of our games into that arena.”
 Landon Donovan - “Most of us are in this more than just for playing soccer. We're in it for the bigger goal to move it along for the next generation.”
 Billy Donovan - “Our guys were prepared and knew Sheldon was a good 3-point shooter. But I think there was a lack of respect for the 3-point line tonight by our guys.”
 Billy Donovan - “It just goes to show you that you're not as good as you think you are, and you're not as bad as you think you are.”
 Landon Donovan - “I looked up and (Glen) was kind of fading away. So I just tried to put it in a good spot and he finished it. I don't know if he meant to, but he finished it.”
 Billy Donovan - “I didn't think our guards did a very good job of blocking out. There were a couple of key situations in the game where our guards didn't even attempts to block out.”
 Billy Donovan - “Quite honestly, I'm not concerned about that. I'm more worried about making sure that this team understands what's a good shot, what's a bad shot, going into the season.”

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