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 Jan Egeland - “They are in a desperate situation. We need more helicopters to reach them. We need more helicopters soon. Those who have given helicopters, thank you. Others, give us more.”
 Jan Egeland - “The important thing is that we give and that we as citizens also demand that our countries give generously to those who have been so hard hit.”
 Jan Egeland - “We need additional resources. I want more from everybody but I do recognize that some Europeans and the Americans give us already a lot. There are others who should step up to the plate.”
 Tracy Egeland - “That's the toughest loss I've ever had. I'm kind of dumbfounded considering they're the team that played last night. You get a goal a minute into the third and they're doing it their way and they're losing. It's not everybody, but when we play our game plan, we're successful. We're making mistakes on little things that are turning around for goals for them.”
 Tracy Egeland - “Evan was very sharp. Come the third period, we were able to step up and score a few goals.”
 Tracy Egeland - “I just think we did little things right. As a result, we were able to score some goals.”
 Tracy Egeland - “Even when I played, I've never seen a comeback in the playoffs like that. Scoring three goals at the end of regulation and the one to tie it up, it showed our character.”
 Jan Egeland - “NATO is planning to increase its operations further, and will work closely with the Pakistan government and the United Nations in this regard.”
 Jan Egeland - “These are atrocities of incalculable proportions. The whole world...must increase pressure on the government of Sudan to stop fighting and improve access for humanitarian groups.”
 Tracy Egeland - “We haven't accomplished anything yet. (Today's) an even bigger game because it's a game in hand we have with Austin. We have to go out with the same intensity, the same mindset.”
 Tracy Egeland - “We're happy to be back in. A year ago, a lot of people probably didn't know if we could be here. Look at what these players have done. We went from 19 wins to 33, and I think we regained a lot of respect that we lost last year, too. These 18 guys that are here right now have done a hell of a job.”
 Tracy Egeland - “We're not reinventing the wheel of hockey here. It's just simple things, and we did that here tonight. We do that, we can come at you with three lines and keep going and going.”
 Jan Egeland - “We are humanitarian workers, we are apolitical, impartial. We hope to be successful in our dialogue (with Pyongyang) so we can have a phased end to the program.”
 Jan Egeland - “It's really been a terrible year in terms of suffering and in terms of challenges. But it ends with a glimmer of hope.”
 Jan Egeland - “The humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe is very serious. The need for international aid is big and growing.”
 Jan Egeland - “It is unconscionable that the LRA is carrying out these vicious attacks on unarmed humanitarian worker.”
 Jan Egeland - “It is unconscionable that the LRA is carrying out these vicious attacks on unarmed humanitarian worker,”
 Jan Egeland - “If it continues to be so dangerous to do humanitarian work, we may not be able to sustain our operations for 2.5 million people,”
 Jan Egeland - “North American pets get more investment per month than we have money for all our humanitarian operations in the world.”
 Jan Egeland - “We must be acutely aware that all that has been built up by the thousands of relief workers and hundreds of millions of dollars in donor contributions could be destroyed, and we could be on the brink of losing this huge humanitarian operation.”
 Jan Egeland - “It's by far the biggest humanitarian catastrophe of the Western hemisphere, and yet the plight of these people remains a largely untold story.”
 Jan Egeland - “One of the possibilities we could have is international helicopters operating across the border.”
 Jan Egeland - “Haiti is the most vulnerable society in the region and Cuba is one of the best prepared, if not the best prepared for natural disasters. The same hurricane which would take zero lives in Cuba would kill massively in Haiti.”
 Tracy Egeland - “Evan has played very well against them. That's one thing that stands out in my mind. We've had great work ethic and great goaltending. If you want to have a good penalty kill, your goalie's got to be your best guy on the ice. Our goaltenders have really stepped up.”
 Jan Egeland - “I am very worried about it, ... Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer.”

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