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 Mohamed ElBaradei - “It clearly strengthens my hand in fulfilling our task in ensuring Iran's program is exclusively for peaceful purposes.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “It clearly strengthens my hand in fulfilling our task in ensuring Iran's program is exclusively for peaceful purposes,”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “poverty, mental health problems and 'lifestyle' diseases have come to pose a far greater threat to affected communities than radiation exposure.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “I do hope we can avoid sanctions and escalation. Sanctions will hurt everybody ... Iran will retaliate and I hope very much we can avoid that.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “I hope that once these issues have been clarified that Iran will be in a position to sign the protocol.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “I hope we will find some way to go out from this situation.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “I hope we will come. I hope I'll go.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “Sanctions are a bad idea. We are not facing an imminent threat. We need to lower the pitch.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “The award sends a very strong message 'Keep doing what you are doing -- be impartial, act with integrity', and that is what we intend to do,”
 Mohammed ElBaradei - “It would also bring India closer as an important partner in the non-proliferation regime.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “It is urgent and indispensable that we continue to build a global security system that is both equitable and inclusive.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “Well, first of all, we now have everybody with the exception of India, Pakistan, and Israel, and I don't think these three countries are going to join by simply providing them an incentive, in terms of technology.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “I think it is fair to say that it is under a great deal of stress, and if I am asking for significant changes, it is because the world is going through significant changes.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “We now have the right to have immediate, unfettered access to any site in Iraq and we have the right to interview people, both inside and outside Iraq.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “I hope everybody will go back to the negotiating table. I've always said this is the only way forward.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “I haven't seen anything on the ground at that time that supported Mr. Cheney's conclusion or statement, so -- and I thought to myself, well, history is going to be the judge.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “We are inching forward with the inspections, but we need more time, at least a few months.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “I think now is the time for countries that have information that contradicts Iraq's declaration to come forward with this information,”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “The message ... coming from the Security Council is that time is very critical, ... and that we need to show progress in our report, which will be due on the 14th of this month.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “in a very short period of time.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “they have not told us that they need extra time.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “In the Security Council, there is understanding that if chief U.N. inspector Hans Blix ... were to be approached by the Iraqis that they need a little extra time for the civilian activities, the Security Council might give them a little bit extra time, ... Late Edition.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “The time is right for a political solution and the way is negotiations.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “What we have seen coming today from North Korea gives me a lot of encouragement that issues as complex (as Iran) can in fact be resolved if good faith on both sides exist.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “We need to engage in political dialogue. We need to help Iran to get themselves out of the hole they're in today.”

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