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 Mohamed ElBaradei - “It is essential that we take steps to eliminate both access to and production of material for nuclear weapons.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “But just in the past few years, we have witnessed a significant change in attitudes toward nuclear power,”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “There have been two nuclear shocks to the world already,”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “It would be a milestone, timely for ongoing efforts to consolidate the nonproliferation regime, combat nuclear terrorism and strengthen nuclear safety.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “Iraq is committed to declare all it possesses regarding weapons of mass destruction, if it still has any of them ... and will also declare all of its activities in the chemical, biological and nuclear fields, even those of civilian use,”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “The best protection against nuclear weapons, and the only way to prevent future Hiroshimas and Nagasakis, is to bring about an end to all nuclear weapons.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “I think they are trying to use their nuclear capability which is supposed to be for peaceful ends to achieve strategic and political objectives, which is totally unacceptable,”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “We need to re-examine our rules of the game. We need to adjust our defenses ... The first line of defense is having adequate protection of nuclear material.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “We have our inspectors still on the ground, still monitoring the freeze of North Korean nuclear activities.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “no evidence that Iraq has revived its nuclear weapons program.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “No prohibited nuclear activities have been identified during these inspections,”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “We are now working with them to neutralize any activities, any programs that could have led to a nuclear weapon,”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “We need to bite the bullet and see how we can move beyond nuclear weapons deterrence, and I think that we have not done that yet.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “We are concerned from what we see in the newspaper, that there are some seals which have been tampered with there are radioactive sources that have been stolen. We do not know where they are, we do not know the impact on the civilian population, we do not know whether nuclear materials under safeguard have been looted,”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “The extent and nature of Iran's uranium enrichment activities”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “if I say that I am not able to confirm the peaceful nature of that program after three years of intensive work, well, that's a conclusion that's going to reverberate around the world.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “Only through these two tracks, full transparency on the part of Iran and negotiations with all concerned parties, can confidence be established regarding the nature of Iran's nuclear program and a durable solution be found.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “the opaque nature of that Saddam Hussein regime.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “Escalation is not going to help a situation that is highly volatile in the Middle East.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “In areas where disputes have not been solved for decades like the Middle East, South Asia and the Korean peninsula, we see attempts to acquire nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction to overcome the feeling of insecurity or for wider influence, regrettably the steps of the (other) nuclear powers.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “However, as you are aware, the matter has been given media coverage today,”
 Mohammed ElBaradei - “Basically, the Iranians are saying, 'This is not enough,' ... we need to make sure the process continues ... as long as the parties are talking, we're on the right track.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “Not only that they have taken the cameras and surveillance verification monitoring equipment from the power reactor where they supposedly want to produce electricity, but they continue to take all the equipment from the spent fuel and the reprocessing plant which would enable them, if they restart the program, to make plutonium in pretty few months and that's pretty disturbing trend.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “once you have that assured supply, you have taken away the justification for countries to say, 'I'd like to make my own fuel,' and that's 80 percent of the problem.”
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “We just wanted to make sure that these were experiments and that there was nothing more than experiments, and we want to make sure that these experiments will not be repeated again without being declared to the organization.”

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