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 Adam Ereli - “I think it demonstrates that Iran has a very active and aggressive military program under way.”
 Adam Ereli - “Well, obviously, any such reports are taken very seriously by us. We haven't been able to confirm them. We have contacted the government of China about them.”
 Adam Ereli - “As far as the situation in Iraq goes, I think the international community shares a common interest in helping Iraq to develop a stable and successful democracy. ... Russia has been supportive of this. And that's the approach we take with regard to all of our partners in supporting Iraq.”
 Adam Ereli - “We do not support Taiwan independence, and we oppose unilateral changes to the status quo by either side.”
 Adam Ereli - “President Bush has been very outspoken and I think visionary in trying to develop a framework within the international system to ensure the safe and secure supply of nuclear fuel through the Nuclear Suppliers Group.”
 Adam Ereli - “We recognize that they have need for fuel, and we think that deals to supply that fuel should move forward on the basis of the joint initiative, on the basis of steps that India will take but has not yet taken.”
 Adam Ereli - “The United States does not support Taiwan independence and opposes unilateral changes to the status quo by either Taiwan or Beijing.”
 Adam Ereli - “The United States wants to see the boycott against Israel dropped completely by everybody. We are working toward that, frankly, with the government of the UAE.”
 Adam Ereli - “To the extent that hearing it directly and forcefully from the Russians can serve that purpose, then that's all well and good.”
 Adam Ereli - “Our position is that if you are going to meet with a terrorist group, you should make it clear to them that their way of doing business is unacceptable, that their philosophy is contrary to the norms of the civilized world, and that they should get with the program.”
 Adam Ereli - “We will do all that we can, working with the Pakistani government, to see that those responsible for this attack face justice.”
 Adam Ereli - “We have every confidence and assurance that the statements made by President Chen are reflective of his and his party's policy.”
 Adam Ereli - “We've seen the reports of comments attributed to other party officials.”
 Adam Ereli - “We have a shared interest in continuing this cooperation.”
 Adam Ereli - “I think what took people by surprise was the margin of victory. Nobody foresaw that huge a sweep.”
 Adam Ereli - “Others will be in the field to support these programs, as well as to get a better idea and a better handle of what's going on in Iran.”
 Adam Ereli - “We attach great importance to that commitment and we'll be following his follow-through carefully.”
 Adam Ereli - “It undermines the right of Kenyans to information.”
 Adam Ereli - “The United State and Bangladesh work closely together in the fight against terror. This arrest is a sign of the fruits of that cooperation.”
 Adam Ereli - “His capture is an important step in confronting extremism in Bangladesh.”
 Adam Ereli - “We see that diplomacy as a way out of this conundrum.”
 Adam Ereli - “In any situation like this, where passions are high, it's important both to respect citizens' civil and political rights and at the same time refrain from violence and refrain from actions that provoke confrontation and provoke violence, and that's a responsibility incumbent on all citizens.”
 Adam Ereli - “The murder of an opposition politician is a serious crime.”
 Adam Ereli - “This is an opportunity to make up for that trip.”
 Adam Ereli - “The United States is going to push for this, whether it's the president of the Security Council or not. We used up the month of our presidency of the Security Council to move this ball forward as fast as we could and as far as we could.”

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