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 Adam Ereli - “We would have liked to see a peacekeeping force stood up yesterday. But there's a lot of moving parts to this. It is important to bring on as many people as possible. And that's got to take time.”
 Adam Ereli - “It is a sign that we are all working together. We are all working together to prevent a collapse of the interim (Palestinian Authority) government and to support the Palestinian people.”
 Adam Ereli - “It is a sign that we are all working together.”
 Adam Ereli - “It's our understanding that President Chen did not abolish it, and he reaffirmed Taiwan's commitment to the status quo. We attach great importance to that commitment, and we'll be following his follow-through carefully.”
 Adam Ereli - “So this is an agreement that I think meets every reasonable standard. And that's how we see it.”
 Adam Ereli - “I would note that it's subject to an agreement on safeguards, which addresses the issue of how the fuel will be used.”
 Adam Ereli - “So don't suggest that the way to solve this is for the U.S. to jump into negotiations. The way to resolve it is to get Iran to cease and desist from its active refusal to be a responsible member of the international community.”
 Adam Ereli - “The point we're making is, this is a report we take seriously and we are asking the Russians to look into it.”
 Adam Ereli - “We are in contact with the government of Nigeria to determine his whereabouts. We have made it clear to the government of Nigeria that it has a special responsibility to make sure that Charles Taylor is brought to justice.”
 Adam Ereli - “The US is deeply concerned by reports that Charles Taylor fled.”
 Adam Ereli - “Discussions continue, we're making progress. I think I'd leave it at that.”
 Adam Ereli - “The major purpose of those conversations was to talk to all three about how we can work together to ensure that the border remains open and that the Palestinian people continue to get the kind of trade and humanitarian supplies across the border that we've been able to assure to date, but looking ahead to continue the flow of those goods.”
 Adam Ereli - “I think that what we would like is a uniform application of universally accepted standards, and that's what we will continue to work for.”
 Adam Ereli - “The United States is imposing targeted travel restrictions and is planning financial sanctions against individuals responsible for the recent electoral fraud and human rights abuses in Belarus, including Alexander Lukashenko.”
 Adam Ereli - “Every country is obviously free to decide what it wants to do.”
 Adam Ereli - “It is not something that I feel we really have anything to say about because it deals with events long in the past, it deals with intelligence matters and for those reasons, I don't have anything to say about it.”
 Adam Ereli - “And that its important that they do so as part of an effort to get nuclear fuel. And that frankly, it is all part of a broad and connected process.”
 Adam Ereli - “I'm reluctant to get into a daily back and forth with Taiwanese officials about things that they said the day before. I think our position is clear.”
 Adam Ereli - “We take them seriously. And we expect that they'll be sustained.”
 Adam Ereli - “We will continue to hold President Chen by his commitments not to take unilateral moves. We will be following events closely.”
 Adam Ereli - “The needs are great, and there are ways to do this, to ensure that those needs are met.”
 Adam Ereli - “There's no deal, frankly, that I'm aware of.”
 Adam Ereli - “Obviously, when there's a new government, we'll need to reassess our positions, based on the formation of that government and the composition of the government.”
 Adam Ereli - “She's an active, active secretary of state.”
 Adam Ereli - “Well, it was not. There was never denial of a visa.”

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