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 Adam Ereli - “We are appalled by these reports and are horrified that thousands of children orphaned by this disaster are vulnerable to exploitation by criminal elements who seek to profit from their misery.”
 Adam Ereli - “The secretary did not misspeak. The secretary knows exactly what he was talking about. And there should be, I think, no question in our mind of casting doubt or walking it back.”
 Adam Ereli - “Our view is that the constitution of the Philippines and the rule of law must be respected and violence must be rejected. We hope the situation will return to normal.”
 Adam Ereli - “There was no connection between the two events.”
 Adam Ereli - “There are a lot of statements made by different Iranian officials every day that seem to contradict one another.”
 Adam Ereli - “This is a tragedy and a crime. We condemn it absolutely.”
 Adam Ereli - “The bottom line for all of us is that Iran does not have a fuel cycle capability within Iran.”
 Adam Ereli - “We had an offer on the table for some time to the North Koreans to come for a briefing on actions that we have taken in response to illicit financial activities. They have agreed to do that.”
 Adam Ereli - “I'm not aware that the government of Haiti is eager or urging Aristide to come back. They've got a democracy to build ... and the future is not the past. Aristide is from the past. We're looking to the future.”
 Adam Ereli - “We've reiterated the view that Taiwan needs to refrain from taking actions which can be seen as unilateral efforts to change the status quo.”
 Adam Ereli - “We call for the application of the rule of law fairly, transparently, with full consideration given to the needs and rights of those who are accused.”
 Adam Ereli - “There are forces seeking to prevent democracy and obstruct the peaceful political and economic development of Iraq. They seek to achieve their goals in a number of ways. But, as I said before, promoting sectarian violence is one of them. There's nothing new here.”
 Adam Ereli - “I would note that the government of Israel also said that they're mindful of the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people and will act with those concerns at heart.”
 Adam Ereli - “U.S. assistance (to Iraq) is not designed to favor one group or another group, it's designed to help all Iraqis promote ... goals of a representative government that includes all Iraq's political factions and is not intended to support one group or another and agendas that are different than the agendas of the elected government of Iraq.”
 Adam Ereli - “Nothing in this acquisition has anything to do with the responsibility for security in American ports. That remains very firmly in the hands of the Department of Homeland Security. What we're talking about is the management of some port operations.”
 Adam Ereli - “We urge the king to return to democracy by initiating a dialogue with the country's political parties. After one year of arbitrary rule, this is the best way to address the Maoist insurgency and to build a brighter future for Nepal's people.”
 Adam Ereli - “We were concerned by the reports and are in touch with the Egyptian government to ascertain the facts.”
 Adam Ereli - “US officials following these events.”
 Adam Ereli - “We obviously congratulate China on the successful launch of its second manned space mission.”
 Adam Ereli - “That's a decision for the Iraqi people.”
 Adam Ereli - “to deal with this and see if we can help to contain the violence and get the parties to act responsibly.”
 Adam Ereli - “The American citizen has been reported missing. We are in contact with the family and working with Saudi authorities to locate the missing person.”
 Adam Ereli - “It didn't include any mention of the terrorist groups that are responsible for the ongoing violence in the region and for trying to destroy the efforts of the many well-intentioned parties to bring peace to the region,”
 Adam Ereli - “We are interested in ways that we can help support the Palestinian people and the Palestinian leadership as they try to emerge from the past years of conflict and violence.”
 Adam Ereli - “We believe that it's important to achieve universal suffrage in Hong Kong as soon as possible, that the people of Hong Kong are ready for democracy, and that the sooner that a timetable for achieving universal suffrage is established, the better.”

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