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 Adam Ereli - “So if anybody needed a reminder, this is it, that the Syrian government should take immediate steps to crack down on this group and to inhibit its activities by shutting down Islamic Jihad offices and expelling its personnel.”
 Adam Ereli - “We don't practice torture, and we don't believe that others should practice torture. We think that there should be an investigation and those who are responsible should be held accountable.”
 Adam Ereli - “This issue is something between Mexico and Venezuela. It's not something that you need to drag the United States in.”
 Adam Ereli - “We have a relationship with Azerbaijan. We're going to continue to have a relationship with Azerbaijan.”
 Adam Ereli - “We want to find needy populations and get them there as soon as possible.”
 Adam Ereli - “This is something that is being considered, that is definitely something that is on the table out there as a means to accomplish an end.”
 Adam Ereli - “He is an official and a representative of the government of Iraq.”
 Adam Ereli - “I think that our view is that we and Turkey share the same goals with respect to Syria, and that is that it end its objectionable behavior, whether that be in terms of supporting the insurgency in Iraq or interfering in Lebanon .”
 Adam Ereli - “I don't see the connection, frankly.”
 Adam Ereli - “We support the AU mission and we will be working together with the AU and our other partners in the international community to see that government in Mauritania is consistent with international standards and respects the will of the people.”
 Adam Ereli - “A particular focus of the discussions was the PKK and its affiliates and how we could all cooperate to eliminate the terrorist threat to Turkey from northern Iraq .”
 Adam Ereli - “That will definitely, I think, figure on the agenda of our discussions in both India and Pakistan. But it will by no means overshadow the other very, very important bilateral issues that we have with each one separately,”
 Adam Ereli - “at the same time, it's important to recognize ... the important forward movement that both countries have made in addressing issues between them.”
 Adam Ereli - “And obviously this strategic partnership has an important role in that.”
 Adam Ereli - “Both stated that the immediate priority is to end the violence.”
 Adam Ereli - “This is not the way we are pushing this relationship, ... The way we deal with Russia is the way we deal with an important partner.”
 Adam Ereli - “sends the wrong signal to foreign investors and could negatively impact Russia's role in the global economy.”
 Adam Ereli - “We are disappointed in the way this case has been handled,”
 Adam Ereli - “What we're trying to do is work systematically through all the calls we've received. Not every call represents an individual.”
 Adam Ereli - “We have met with them, we have talked with them, we have provided them information, ... We have been engaged regularly and consistently to ... respond to their requests for information, to engage with them and to help facilitate their work.”
 Adam Ereli - “There was a security consideration. If they can take over and they can move to intercept and otherwise disrupt those who are bent on attacking the transfer of sovereignty, then that's one more blow against the terrorists.”
 Adam Ereli - “We do not have enough to make a conclusive judgment, I think, one way or the other.”
 Adam Ereli - “Food is a scarce commodity. When it's a scarce commodity it has a value. And there are those who seek to exploit that value for purposes for which the aid is not intended. And that's why monitoring is so important.”
 Adam Ereli - “It shows clearly the nature of the enemy we're dealing with.”
 Adam Ereli - “for his courtesy and convenience, and that is because he is a former Cabinet official.”

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