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 Eric Wedge - “Our hope was to give the award to a deserving student athlete. Even though it was the first year for it, there was an overwhelming response, in terms of resumes and applications. We're really looking forward to it being able to grow and grow.”
 Eric Wedge - “They give us a veteran presence. Both have made a lot of starts and pitched a lot of innings in their careers. They will fit in well for us.”
 Eric Wedge - “Considering how hard he worked the first two innings, for him to give us six innings says a lot about Cliff's competitiveness,”
 Eric Wedge - “It's a testament to his consistency. It's a testament to his being mentally tough enough not to give in.”
 Eric Wedge - “He can give us 80 to 85 pitches, if we need. We like what we saw from him in Spring Training.”
 Eric Wedge - “Boone is a good situational hitter. But last year, he was always playing catch up (after recuperating from knee surgery.”
 Eric Wedge - “He was throwing a sweeping breaking ball in there and did a good job with his fastball.”
 Eric Wedge - “Our entire starting rotation has been good all year. And it hasn't just been one or two guys. It's been all five.”
 Eric Wedge - “I think it's going to be tight all the way to the end, with multiple good teams involved.”
 Eric Wedge - “We did a good job of keeping it going. The grand slam was big, but the guys kept putting up good at-bats.”
 Eric Wedge - “You talk about a guy who made a great impression and has done a great job coming through the system. He did more than enough to be on the team. We're going to need that depth, and it's good to have guys like Fausto ready to step in.”
 Eric Wedge - “Jake was scheduled for three but able to go four. He kept his sinker down and looked real good.”
 Eric Wedge - “Kevin was a warrior once again, ... It was a very good game until the end, when we weren't able to execute.”
 Eric Wedge - “It all starts with the guy on the mound with the ball in his hand.”
 Eric Wedge - “I've seen Jason play in the minors, both at the Double-A and Triple-A level. I've seen little pieces of his play in the big leagues. He's always been a hard-nosed type of guy. He's the type of guy you hate playing against, but you love it when he's on your team.”
 Eric Wedge - “I remember hearing about him back in Double-A that he could have power. But it's been very gradual with him, improving from level to level.”
 Eric Wedge - “Mota was outstanding. He competed his tail off. He was strong, did a good job of controlling the game and made some real big pitches to the heart of their lineup.”
 Eric Wedge - “He made a hell of a play on that dive. The ball had left-handed topspin and was speeding up as it got to him.”
 Eric Wedge - “I don't know how the hell they would know that.”
 Eric Wedge - “It scared the hell out of me. They hit so hard, but to my surprise, both were OK.”
 Eric Wedge - “Matt said he felt it on the second to last pitch he threw and obviously he has some history with this thing.”
 Eric Wedge - “Obviously, you hold your breath and hope no one gets hurt. Thankfully, these guys are coming back healthy.”
 Eric Wedge - “He would have been available, but we hope to get him in there Tuesday.”
 Eric Wedge - “Brown has a tendency to overthrow, and when he does he gets the ball up in the zone and gets hurt. He's strong enough where he doesn't have to try and get more (velocity).”
 Eric Wedge - “Byrd threw well. Just a couple of pitches hurt him.”

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