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 Ernie Accorsi - “You just have to do what's best for the franchise. I don't get involved with personalities. But I have a great deal of respect for him and gratitude for him. He took us to the Super Bowl.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “He's just a relentless 'heart' player with a lot of talent.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “He's a good person, he has integrity and he's honest. He's not going to try to con anybody. Once they realized the quality of person he was, they'd want to play for him.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “I was just overwhelmed with not only his story but the way he told it. He's such a thoughtful, intellectual, moving person. You could hear a pin drop in our interview room when he was done telling us a story.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “I was overwhelmed with him. Not only his story but how he told it. He's such a thoughtful, intellectual, moving person.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “He's very intelligent, and intelligent people have open minds. He's in a tough market, and he can't be thin-skinned about this thing. He's going to take his shots like we all do. It's a matter of sticking to your convictions.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “It's all football this time of year.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “My feeling is that, because there are more injuries, because of free agency, because it is a dilution (of talent), it doesn't matter who's the best team during the season. All that matters is who's healthy and hot late (in the season). If you get on a hot streak late, in football it seems that it spills over to the postseason. You have to be hot at the right time and healthy at the right time.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “I think he's going to be a terrific quarterback, ... He hasn't even played 16 games. He's getting better all the time. He has enormous talent and poise. I'm happy this franchise will have him as their quarterback for a long time.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “He's got great numbers, considering his injuries, ... If he's healthy he's on a course for a big-time career.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “You know, ... it all happened so fast that I didn't realize it at the time. But you're right. It's amazing. It's one of those things you'll remember for a long time.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “Waiting for 25 can be frustrating at times, but you are there for the right reason. You just hope you are even further down every year.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “If you really want a player, then go after him. We've done that here. But there is so much trading that goes on, particularly in the first round, that sometimes you have to trade up out of self-defense because someone else is trading up.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “I think the players had to get to know him, and once they did, they'd trust him. I've known him, so I knew what kind of person he was. In the beginning, he came here with somewhat of an image.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “Last year I lost three top guys, ... because I let them walk out of here. They just took my offer and shopped it around. It wasn't going to happen again.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “You worry because you don't know how it's going to affect them when it comes down to playing, ... This is still a game where you're going to get hit in the mouth every play, and we weren't going to get any breaks from (Washington).”
 Ernie Accorsi - “We tried to get him four years ago. He wanted to come, but the coaches didn't want him. We couldn't get him past the coaches. So he goes to New England and wins three Super Bowls.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “There is a lot more dead money now. You're basically married to a player for at least two or three years.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “In 33 years in the National Football League, I don't know that I loved working with or knowing anyone more than Roosevelt Brown. The world knows he was a great player. But few know what a great scout he was. He was a treasure to have in our scouting department, full of wisdom and knowledge.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “We're trying to be judicious. It's not fantasy football. This is about people making sound judgements. That's what we're trying to do.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “When you sign on here, you understand this organization. There is so much soul to it, ... It's just the way it is. Players understand that. This has been very emotional for all of them. That's what makes this organization the way it is. There is so much personal feeling in this place. They understand and value that.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “You might have 15 players rated with the same grade. If it is close, you might go with the need, but it has to be very close. This is no perfect formula. If there is a tenth or two-tenths of a point difference between two players, that's basically nothing but opinion anyway. Like the polls on political elections, it's often too close to call. If it is that close, sure, you are going to go by need. But what you are hoping for is that the highest rated player is the position that you need. And that happens, it happens a lot.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “We all had the unanimous opinion that he Manning was a special quarterback. We all felt this was a quarterback you wait for for a long time.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “We're in pretty good shape. They're going to give us a cap number and we'll be ready for it. You always prepare for a worst case, no matter what the situation. You never want to be surprised by something negative, only something positive.”
 Ernie Accorsi - “He said, 'When are you going to get your number one signed I said, 'It's going to get done.”

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