My Favorite Quotes
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 Evan Tracey - “What you're seeing is a bit of the future. I think you'll see more blending of messages.”
 Evan Tracey - “I still want to wait and see how things shake out, but I'm thinking we certainly won't be setting any spending records.”
 Evan Tracey - “Essentially, he's going to walk away from that ad buy money in those states. And clearly a lot of the money he had been spending in those states was pulled out to bolster the New Hampshire effort.”
 Evan Tracey - “There is really nobody to communicate with right now on this issue, because Americans are not plugged into it. I think Americans feel one or two steps removed from the Supreme Court, particularly when the confirmation process hasn't started. But as you get closer to the hearing and the vote, the volume on this thing is going to ramp way up.”
 Evan Tracey - “The Dean campaign has spent about 8.5 million overall in this race, with the majority of that, over 5 million, being between Iowa and New Hampshire,”