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 Brett Favre - “Something has to give at some point, if I decide enough is enough, or they do,”
 Brett Favre - “My legs give out on me.”
 Brett Favre - “When you sit down and tell a GM, 'I don't know if I can give you everything' -- and I have -- that's usually the first ticket out of town.”
 Brett Favre - “To give you an exact percentage (of) how much I was committed, I don't know. I was as committed as I could be,”
 Brett Favre - “it's hard to throw for 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns in good shape or bad shape.”
 Brett Favre - “I turned around to look and he took the ball out of my hand, ... I wasn't scared of him. Believe me.”
 Brett Favre - “It's the hand we're dealt. We've put ourselves in this position, and we've got to find a way to get out of it.”
 Brett Favre - “It's hard to express in words how disappointed I am. I left it all on the field. I've never been 0-4, but it's a hand we've been dealt.”
 Brett Favre - “No one is going to hand us anything, especially now,”
 Bonita Favre - “His ear was just hanging, ... Oh, man. They had to do little bitty stitches.”
 Bonita Favre - “His ear was just hanging. Oh, man. They had to do little bitty stitches.”
 Brett Favre - “I hate to compare this to the tsunami. But in a small area, it was like that.”
 Brett Favre - “As bad as I hate to admit it, age is working against me, as it works against everyone, ... But, if you can help it, you can't afford to be slow. Not one step.”
 Brett Favre - “No one has given me any guidelines to how you handle a 3-11 season. I think as a quarterback, just like a head coach, you can only do so much, but you feel like you should be able to do more than everyone else. And it's bad enough as it is right now.”
 Brett Favre - “I was sick to my stomach and my head aching. But I threw for two touchdowns.”
 Brett Favre - “That's a bold statement. But what the hell, we hadn't really stopped them yet.”
 Brett Favre - “Hey, ... that was a hell of job.”
 Brett Favre - “Yeah, in hindsight, I wish I would have went to the other side, ... But it wasn't because of who it was.”
 Brett Favre - “I did hear that. I was a bit embarrassed, to be honest with you. But I did appreciate it. Our fans have been so supportive of the team, even during this tough season.”
 Brett Favre - “I think my hope is it doesn't get to 1-8, ... If it does, from a personal standpoint I would be playing for pride.”
 Brett Favre - “I hope the guys in this locker room never get used to losing. At 0-3, this is new to me.”
 Brett Favre - “Whether we have a winning record this year, whether we go to the playoffs, whether we turn this thing around or not, I don't know, ... But if you just believe in what you're doing and believe in the guys who have to step up and hope that they believe in themselves, anything can happen.”
 Brett Favre - “When the dust settles where do we go from here Where do we start You can't call the local carpenter and get him to rebuild your house because his house is gone to,”
 Brett Favre - “My older brother, Scott, was swimming around the house trying to get the kids. My younger brother, Jeff, has three little kids. They were trying to get them up in the attic. My grandmother, who is almost 90, they were trying to get her up in the attic or on top of a washing machine or a counter or whatever. Fortunately, they all survived. But now, as bad as that was, the worst is yet to come.”
 Brett Favre - “Right now, the dust is settling and all you can do is think, 'Where do we go from here Where do you start' ... You can't call the local carpenter to come build your house. His house is gone, too.”

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