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 Roger Federer - “I knew before the match that Marcos is a tough player to beat. I am now getting a feel for the big games.”
 Roger Federer - “He's got a repertoire of shots, he has slice and his volley is all right. He reads games well. He has potential to become a good player. Consistency is what's missing in his game, and he's not 100 percent sure of his game.”
 Roger Federer - “He's got a repertoire of shots, he has slice, and his volley is all right. He reads games well,”
 Roger Federer - “We know each other's games well enough. He's always difficult to play.”
 Roger Federer - “The best player of this generation, yes. Nowhere close to ever, ... Just look at the records that some guys have. I'm a little cookie.”
 Roger Federer - “I have got lots of goals from here to the end of the season and I'm really looking forward to playing again.”
 Roger Federer - “We've always had tough matches. I knew it would be a tough one, he's had some good results here and I think he likes this surface.”
 Roger Federer - “I think I've made a good transition from clay to grass.”
 Roger Federer - “He hung in there and played well. I'm really happy I got a good start in the third set. I've had some tough matches with Arnaud in the past.”
 Roger Federer - “It looked like the match could have been over very quickly but he hung in there and played well. The beginning of the third set it was a really open match. I was hoping for a good start. I'm really happy I got it.”
 Roger Federer - “He's a good player. It's as simple as that. He's a terrific scrambler and he brings something else game as a great lefthander.”
 Roger Federer - “It was a close match last year but I am looking forward to playing him as he is very good on grass.”
 Roger Federer - “I'm happy that I have some records as that makes it more fun for me, not only to play the other guys, but also to play against history occasionally. And it was great to play against Andre. He is one of the living legends that we still have in tennis.”
 Roger Federer - “I was really trying to just break his momentum. Tommy was making it difficult for me to play. To be honest, I like to be pushed like this.”
 Roger Federer - “He was a big percentage of the reason I got so emotional. To be honest, whether I had won or lost, it would have been emotional because he was here.”
 Roger Federer - “I felt very unsure about this match, to be honest. I had a bad feeling about it but what matters is how I play and in the end I was very happy.”
 Roger Federer - “He is a friend of mine. I'm happy to see him play well. I hope it's going to be a good match,”
 Roger Federer - “I think it is fantastic what she is doing. I hope she can go all the way.”
 Roger Federer - “I'm really happy to be back in the finals, this is what my hope was at the beginning of the tournament.”
 Roger Federer - “He has not had the best start of the year so far. I hope this is not his tournament where he really wants to show how good he is.”
 Roger Federer - “I never really felt very good throughout the match. I hope that's going to come along in the next match.”
 Roger Federer - “I hope to have a physical advantage, but I don't think it will matter.”
 Roger Federer - “It's fantastic. It's a bit of a surprise because I haven't played since Wimbledon. I played really, really fantastic tennis. I hope to keep it going at the US Open.”
 Roger Federer - “I would enjoy playing Rafael. It would be nice to see him back in the final after his injury.”
 Roger Federer - “Perhaps it's not quite as loud as somewhere like Italy or South America,”

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