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 Dianne Feinstein - “Did you really think that way and do you think that way today”
 Dianne Feinstein - “We will come back and fight again another day, ... But today ... I rise with a sad heart because we must postpone our battle for victims' rights.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “I don't know what tree we're barking up,”
 Dianne Feinstein - “I'm just trying to understand how you think,”
 Dianne Feinstein - “In the Michigan case, obviously, you have I always forget whether it's the law school --- but I think the law school program was upheld and the university program was struck down because of the differences in the program. But efforts to ensure the full participation in all aspects of our society by people, without regard to their race, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, all those are efforts that I think are appropriate.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “To the loved ones of those who have been killed or injured I extend my deepest sympathy, ... Their deaths must not be in vain.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “When I couldn't get a sense of his judicial philosophy, I attempted to get a sense of his temperament and values. And I asked him about the end-of-life decisions clearly, decisions that are gut-wrenching, difficult and extremely personal. Rather than talking to me as a son, a husband, a fatherwhich I specifically requested he dohe gave a very detached response.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “Domestic violence does not only happen to adults. Forty percent of girls age 14 to 17 report knowing someone their age who has been hit or beaten by a boyfriend, and approximately one in five female high school students reports being physically andor sexually abused by a dating partner.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “It would be very difficult for me to vote yes on a nominee I thought would overturn Roe vs. Wade.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “I happen to feel that it would be very difficult for me to vote yes on a nominee I thought would overturn Roe vs. Wade,”
 Dianne Feinstein - “After the end of this month, which is November, we lose our vote in the general assembly of the United Nations,”
 Lee Feinstein - “The U.S. strategy is to water down the document rather than to strengthen it.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “I just find it an absolute travesty that these people who are going to be killed (and) maimed by weapons that have been negligently handled (will) have no recourse, ... And it's the only industry in America that's this way.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “Assault weapons pose a grave threat to all Americans, but most especially to law enforcement officers on our city streets.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “I think it's a dimension of his character. He hasn't denied them. Women have come forward.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “I began to think, if I vote for him, and he goes the other way, and it was a situation where women would die, I'd never forgive myself.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “This proposal does not simply affect a small portion of wealthy homeowners it would impact nearly the entire state, and worse, those who are living paycheck to paycheck may be forced to sell their homes. I support tax reform, but it should not be on the backs of Californians.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “Two years ago, ... intense fires burned 739,597 acres in these national forests, destroying 3,631 homes and killing 24 people. Fuel loads may be worse this year because of grasses that have grown as a result of last winter's rains.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “You're young, but obviously with staying power. I'm convinced that you'll be there for 40 years. ... That concerns me even more. It means my vote means more ... what kind of a justice will you be, Judge Roberts”
 Michael Feinstein - “I knew her for over 20 years and we worked together over 200 times.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “You've gone through this in a remarkable way, ... I'm convinced you will be (chief justice), God willing, for 40 years. And that even concerns me more because it means that my vote means more.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “The United Nations should be given an opportunity to compel adherence to the 16 or so resolutions in the past which Iraq has effectively not complied with ... maybe some language could be added.”
 Dianne Feinstein - “The way she's being beaten up by the far right is very sexist. People should hold their fire, and give people an opportunity to come before a hearing,”
 Dianne Feinstein - “I want to limit it to the weapons of mass destruction and provide language that in the event the United Nations does not compel compliance, then the president would be authorized to use force. So the first obligation would be on the United Nations,”
 Dianne Feinstein - “After a disaster such as Hurricane Katrina, the federal government has a profound obligation to help those in need, ... Right now, the victims of Hurricane Katrina need our help. Entire communities have been destroyed. Families have been torn apart. Many are still missing. Tens of thousands remain homeless. As the recovery proceeds, we in the Senate pledge to do everything in our power to help rebuild the shattered lives across the Gulf Coast.”

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