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 Fernando Alonso - “I don't see any future at Ferrari for me. To be honest, I've never really been interested in that team at all. I want to race for a team that can win races, and that is Renault this year, but McLaren next year.”
 Fernando Alonso - “We seem to be in good shape. The Renault feels nice to drive and our pace is good. I think we are in a similar position to the other races this season - aiming for the top position.”
 Fernando Alonso - “To beat Michael this year was really an extra happiness for me.”
 Fernando Alonso - “The conditions were impossible,”
 Fernando Alonso - “Although it will be very difficult to beat them, maybe it's not impossible.”
 Fernando Alonso - “Things seem closer between us and McLaren than they have been in the last few races, and although it will be very difficult to beat them, maybe it's not impossible.”
 Fernando Alonso - “We seem to be in good shape. The grip levels will improve as more rubber goes down on the track, but at the moment the Renault feels nice to drive and our pace is good.”
 Fernando Alonso - “At the end the team informed me about the tire problem that Juan Pablo had, ... and I pushed a bit more and we turned the engine up again and tried to put some pressure, but it was too late.”
 Fernando Alonso - “I laugh. With that one, I laugh.”
 Fernando Alonso - “I thought the other one seemed a bit old. I am really happy with the result.”
 Fernando Alonso - “I thought overtaking him was not possible but he had damaged his car, went wide, and I overtook him, so it was a nice surprise at the end but it is a bit disappointing because we were a bit slower than them.”
 Fernando Alonso - “It was a very long race for me, obviously. I thought about the championship from the first lap. This is the maximum I can achieve in my life.”
 Fernando Alonso - “I am extremely happy and it is a big day for me. I did a good race, I thought we would fight McLaren but it was not possible,”
 Fernando Alonso - “I'm surprised he was on the podium because he was starting from the back. I thought Jenson (Button) was third. I think he did a good from where he was starting.”
 Fernando Alonso - “For the future, it will be a good fight because he is very young. We can be in Formula One a very long time. I am really happy and confident for next year because the potential is here in the team.”
 Fernando Alonso - “I never thought I would be able to achieve so much in such a short space of time but I am not thinking about records,”
 Fernando Alonso - “I have found a perfect place for me in England, and I enjoy my time there. The factory is close and the airports are close so I can go anywhere and from my little town in Spain it was impossible. My life is much more comfortable now.”
 Fernando Alonso - “The conditions were not perfect, quite windy and the track was a little bit dirty. We all have our fingers crossed to avoid a wet track, but if it rains it will be the first time we are all in the wet in 2006 and we'll see how the cars behave.”
 Fernando Alonso - “Everybody wants to beat Michael on the track, ... In the first year he is not racing, maybe the title doesn't have the same feeling, so it was really an extra for me.”
 Fernando Alonso - “It is very difficult to win a championship, and you need a lot of things around you to have the chance. Last year, I started the season dreaming of, maybe, winning one race and getting regular podiums, but we won the title. In 2006, I know we have a competitive car in the R26, so my only goal is to repeat the title.”
 Fernando Alonso - “I know that the R26 is a highly competitive car and it can only be my goal to defend my title.”
 Fernando Alonso - “In 2006, I know we have a competitive car, so my only goal is to repeat the title.”
 Fernando Alonso - “This is a fantastic feeling, ... I didn't think anything could equal winning the Drivers' Championship, but seeing our people celebrating, it's just as good I am really so happy today.”
 Fernando Alonso - “I knew Juan Pablo was quicker, ... I knew I had no chance to fight because today was no risk. It was not easy, I was extremely careful in overtaking. Every one was a risky moment.”
 Fernando Alonso - “The conditions were pretty difficult for everyone today. With the position in the championship, we didn't need to risk. Once again I had help from McLaren and was able to take two more points.”

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