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 Terry Francona - “I thought it was another step in the right direction. He came in and got outs and gave us the chance to win.”
 Terry Francona - “As the game progressed, he got a little more comfortable. It probably helped that when he got into the flow of the game, the ball started sinking a little bit better, cutting. I thought he did a good job. Five innings and keeping us right in the game is what we needed.”
 Terry Francona - “They were actually going to hit on the field, but now they'll go down and hit in the cage, ... General manager Theo Epstein asked me a few days ago if I had a problem, and I actually thought it was great. I had met Ellsbury, but I had not met Lowrie.”
 Terry Francona - “I never saw him show up, so he's probably gone. From his point of view, I'm sure once we got Wily Mo Pena, he probably thought this was not the place to be.”
 Terry Francona - “I bet he does. I think he knows how we feel. I don't know how many guys in his situation would have volunteered to go to the bullpen. I would say very few. He gave us a lot of stability at a time when it didn't look like we had much.”
 Terry Francona - “It's an awesome concept. I wish there was a perfect way to do it. You're going to see a lot of general managers, managers, organizations hold their breath every time their pitcher steps on the mound.”
 Terry Francona - “They are considered part-time players. Longevity is important. He has put up tremendous numbers and his timing for some hits are sure to help. In the end, it is production over time. I don't know if anyone is better right now than he is at what he does.”
 Terry Francona - “With him in the bullpen, the stability was really, really good. Even the games Schill had a tough time, we didn't have to use Mike Timlin so often at a time when Foulke went down. We might have run into some problems, but we didn't. It was really good for us. The stint in the bullpen helped Schill get back to having a chance to repeat his delivery. It worked out well for everybody. At the time, he just wasn't ready to be a starter. We tried to time it to when Foulke came back. We had to get him seven starts. Just three wouldn't be fair. But we said all along we wanted to get him back in the rotation.”
 Terry Francona - “He's going to be a huge part of the Red Sox, maybe starting tonight. I think it's important ... I think it's great for his development to be here now. Anything he learns now and any time he pitches can't hurt his development.”
 Terry Francona - “It's the case with just about every pitcher who gives up hits, you know when you don't locate, major league hitters find a way of making you pay for it. I thought he misfired a few times, especially early. That really hurt.”
 Terry Francona - “The way Loretta handles the bat, even times when Crisp runs on his own and Loretta uses it to his advantage, that is going to create some good things for us.”
 Terry Francona - “He's very proud. When they put that shift on, sometimes he loses hits. He's been robbed a few times ... but those are some beautiful swings.”
 Terry Francona - “When you dont locate your pitches, major league hitters find a way of making you pay for it. I thought (Schilling) misfired a few times, especially in those first two innings, and that really hurt.”
 Terry Francona - “I know the run he has been on and today we found out why. We saw a much more mature pitcher.”
 Terry Francona - “I know the run he's been on. Today we found out why.”
 Terry Francona - “The idea of the importance of winning today is there it's been there,”
 Terry Francona - “I haven't even asked him about his ankle. It's a nice relief. He's out there competing, he's strong, he looks really good to me. He had a nice strong outing in Texas and he backs it up with one where I thought he threw the ball better today.”
 Terry Francona - “It was kind of appropriate. He had a real tough first month, but since the weather's warmed up, he's been about a .320 hitter. His bat has become so alive. He's lined out about six or seven times, so he could have been real hot right now. Today he finally got enough on one to get it out of there. And we were dying for a hit.”
 Terry Francona - “He was OK to stay in, but I didn't think it was a smart thing to do. We go and get ice on it now, and not only do we hopefully have him (today), but have him feeling a little bit better.”
 Terry Francona - “That was a long time ago. It's a different team. I've said so many times that last year doesn't matter. What matters to this team is how we bounce back tomorrow.”
 Terry Francona - “We asked a lot, physically, of people in 2004 that I think may have hurt us this year. I don't think anybody would trade that.”
 Terry Francona - “The hard part about that is there's always a chance for a late trade that could change something. But I don't think we'll be in a position with one last outing, where they'll be some pitch-off or something like that.”
 Terry Francona - “I've talked to him two or three times. I know he's really enjoying himself, so whatever those guys need. If they feel the need to get right back in there, we'll do it. If they feel like maybe they need a day or two to separate themselves and take a little blow with all the travel and excitement ... whatever they need.”
 Terry Francona - “From what I understand, he's doing terrific.”
 Terry Francona - “David was hitting everything. I can understand it. I'm sure they weren't real thrilled about it.”

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