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 Franz Beckenbauer - “When I see that the best goalkeeper (Kahn) is playing golf when the match is on it makes me crazy,”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “When I see that the best goalkeeper (Kahn) is playing golf when the match is on it makes me crazy.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “In any world championship, the best have to be on hand, and Maradona is one of them.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “Now it's too late, but it was a hand ball. Thanks God for the Germans the referee didn't see.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “I know Manchester United and AC Milan are in the hunt, but Michael will only improve himself by going to Madrid.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “We are unfortunately not perceived as a particularly friendly people. We have to improve on that.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “As someone who played a team sport, I feel a bit uncomfortable being ranked as an individual so high,”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “We should not fool ourselves. We are not one of the world's top teams any more.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “We have already come a long way since Euro 2000. But our biggest problem is we don't have enough players of international class.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “Since Sven Goran Eriksson took over, England have been fantastic.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “Certainly it is a different world for players nowadays. But it depends on the individual.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “At the World Cup and even now at the Confederations Cup, our security provisions will ensure the greatest level of protection possible for all those participating - both inside and outside the stadiums.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “At least six Bayern players, who have won almost everything, are in the national squad.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “What the FC Bayern has become is thanks to Gerd Mueller.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “It only surprises me that no one thought of it before.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “We just can't have the best goalkeeper off playing golf while we have an international match, ... Next time, he's going swimming.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “I can't see a better farewell stage for one of the best European players of all time as the World Cup.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “I've often told him that he has to be in Germany more - now is prime time.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “The World Cup could start tomorrow.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “As far as we're concerned, the World Cup could start even tomorrow. Then all the secondary issues will disappear and we can focus on the main issue -- soccer.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “The most important thing however is the money. What use would it be to us, to have a a mighty stadium but a useless team, because we couldn't afford anything better”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “The trouble for today's footballers is they have too many distractions. We used to get our old players coming to watch training with football magazines in their hands. Now, more often than not, they are checking the share prices.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “I would pass him the ball and watch him play, it was like Mozart. This year, playing with him was absolutely amazing.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “Unquestionably, it was also thanks to the World Cup win in 1974 that I was lucky enough to spend four years as a player in New York from 1977.”
 Franz Beckenbauer - “We are back where we were a few years ago and time is running out.”

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