My Favorite Quotes
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 Freddy Sanchez - “I know my role on the team is coming off the bench, but I can definitely see myself as an everyday player. Hopefully that will come in the future, but I know my role.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “The bench is a big part of the team and Tracy uses his bench a lot. That is a good sign. To win a championship, you need everybody. It's good to hear that he's going to try to get everybody in there.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “He doesn't throw anything twice in the same spot. It's like a guessing game, and we were guessing wrong today.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “He doesn't give you anything twice. It's a guessing game with him and, today, I was always guessing wrong.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “It's his stuff. He doesn't throw any pitch twice. It's kind of like a guessing game out there. I know I was guessing wrong.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “My dad dropped me off here yesterday, ... It gave me the chills.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “What he needed to do was to work harder than the normal person just to get back to where he needed to be. This is probably the strongest I've ever seen him.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “This is going to be the first Spring Training in two or three years where I didn't have to be the first one at the field every morning and the last one here. It feels good. I can just go out and play.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “I can't take any more chances with that. It's no fun. Usually, if you get hit there, you miss a day or two with the swelling and the pain.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “People are still rusty at the plate, but I think you're seeing it spread through our lineup already. We know Jim's stressing it, and we're starting to make it happen.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “Heck, it was just an honor just to face someone like him. All I was hoping to do was make contact against him and hope something good happened. I wouldn't have dreamed I'd have three extra-base hits off him.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “It has something to do with coming to the field every day knowing I'm going to be in the lineup, ... I know I don't have to go 3 for 3 every day so I'll make the lineup the next day.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “Jim Tracy has a history of using all of his players. I know I'm going to get my chances to help this club.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “We've received tremendous support from some of the greatest fans in baseball this week. They're excited, and we're excited to get the season started.”
 Freddy Sanchez - “Last year I was hitting mostly soft singles, ... This year I've got my swing back, and I'm hitting with authority. I've always been able to put the ball in play, and I've never seen myself as a small guy (he's 5-10, 188 lbs).”