My Favorite Quotes
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 Sigmund Freud - “When making a decision of minor importance, I have always found it advantageous to consider all the pros and cons. In vital matters, however, such as the choice of a mate or a profession, the decision should come from the unconscious, from somewhere within ourselves. In the important decisions of personal life, we should be governed, I think, by the deep inner needs of our nature.”
 Sigmund Freud - “The first human being who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization.”
 Sigmund Freud - “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”
 Sigmund Freud - “Neither in my private life nor in my writings, have I ever made a secret of being an out-and-out unbeliever.”
 Sigmund Freud - “Devout believers are safeguarded in a high degree against the risk of certain neurotic illnesses their acceptance of the universal neurosis spares them the task of constructing a personal one.”
 Sigmund Freud - “The great majority of people have a strong need for authority which they can admire, to which they can submit, and which dominates and sometimes even ill-treats them.”
 Sigmund Freud - “Anatomy is destiny.”
 Sigmund Freud - “Analogies, it is true, decide nothing, but they can make one feel more at home.”
 Anna Freud - “It is there all the time.”
 Anna Freud - “Creative minds always have been known to survive any kind of bad training.”
 Anna Freud - “Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.”
 Sigmund Freud - “The very emphasis of the commandment Thou shalt not kill, makes it certain that we are descended from an endlessly long chain of generations of murderers, whose love of murder was in their blood as it is perhaps also in ours.”
 Sigmund Freud - “The tendency of aggression is an innate, independent, instinctual disposition in man it constitutes the most powerful obstacle to culture.”
 Sigmund Freud - “The might of the community. Yet, it too, is nothing else than violence it is the communal, not individual, violence that has its way.”

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