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 Bill Frist - “I've got to make sure we have a package we can get the votes for, ... We're not there yet.”
 Bill Frist - “Reid insisted on an independent commission modeled after the Sept. 11, 2001, panel to investigate what went wrong with Katrina. But Republicans rejected that. We can't wait three years for those answers, ... We need them immediately so we can quickly make the changes and protect all Americans.”
 Bill Frist - “with an overwhelming majority.”
 Bill Frist - “John is a very good senator, and I think will make a very strong vice presidential nominee, and I wish him the best of luck,”
 Bill Frist - “The Senate and the nation are united in mourning the loss of Chief Justice William Rehnquist , or as he was affectionately known, 'The Chief,'”
 Bill Frist - “This country's never seen a refugee challenge, ... Larry King Live.”
 Bill Frist - “This move is a great step for Nissan and our state and strengthens Tennessee's position in the global marketplace, ... Today's announcement underscores what we've known all along -- Tennessee is a great place to live and work.”
 Bill Frist - “Competing concerns make it extremely difficult to reach consensus on a federal policy in this area. Nonetheless, because both embryonic and adult stem cell research may contribute to significant medical and health advancement, research on both should be federally funded within a carefully regulated, fully transparent framework that ensures respect for the moral significance of the human embryo.”
 Bill Frist - “I believe he will monitor and implement U.S. monetary policy that will ensure a strong domestic economy and maintain Americas global competitiveness.”
 Bill Frist - “We are grateful to the Fraternal Order of Police for organizing this critical effort to help enhance the security, safety and recovery of the victims of Hurricane Katrina, ... We are proud to dispatch our Capitol Police to participate.”
 Bill Frist - “The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world.”
 Bill Frist - “In my mind, his strength, passion and relentless work ethic have never been more evident than this past summer when, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Trent rushed home and was an anchor of strength in a region still reeling from that devastating storm.”
 Bill Frist - “As a doctor, my first instincts are to help, and I was privileged to offer my assistance today at the scene of this horrible accident. My heart goes out to this family, which must face the start of the new year with this terrible tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with them.”
 Bill Frist - “We are within striking distance of having the party of the president, Republicans, being able to retake the Senate, ... I will predict that we will have one net seat up, which will put us back in the majority.”
 Bill Frist - “We are within striking distance of having the party of the president, Republicans, being able to retake the Senate. I will predict that we will have one net seat up, which will put us back in the majority.”
 Bill Frist - “There was no discussion with Senator Reid before he offered the resolution ... Zero.”
 Bill Frist - “This shows we are serious about fiscal discipline,”
 Bill Frist - “It is not going to be an easy job over the next several days and weeks, ... We need to stick to a rigorous program of fiscal discipline.”
 Bill Frist - “Since when does a senator's questioning of a witness become a sign of a lack of dignity or respect”
 Bill Frist - “Given the tragic and devastating events along the Gulf Coast, members of the Senate would have great difficulty explaining why we were debating the estate tax during our first days back when we know hundreds of thousands of families are suffering,”
 Bill Frist - “Hurricane Katrina now stands as the worst natural disaster in our nation's history. It is a tragedy of epic proportions. But there is hope and there is determination. The Gulf Coast will recover and rebuild and emerge more modern and more prosperous than ever.”
 Bill Frist - “The aggressiveness with which we will continue to fight the war on terror for freedom and liberty and democracy throughout the world will not be affected in any way by any sort of personnel changes here or any sort of reorganization of the intelligence functions of entities here,”
 Bill Frist - “The imprint of his gavel has been deep, ... His impact has been profound. Now it is cemented forever in our history. He leaves behind a legacy as one of the most influential chief justices in our nation's history.”
 Bill Frist - “The imprint of his gavel has been deep, ... Its impact has been profound.”
 Bill Frist - “Debate the nominee for five hours, debate the nominee for 50 hours. Vote for the nominee, vote against the nominee, ... But in the end, vote. Senators, colleagues, let's do our duty and vote.”

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