My Favorite Quotes
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 Diana Gabaldon - “Some people are just mad about the historical aspects they feel as though they're living in a different time or they're learning something,”
 Diana Gabaldon - “All romance novels are courtship stories, and I'm not really interested in that,”
 Diana Gabaldon - “I have two brain cells left, and one of them is busy reminding me to buy toilet paper.”
 Diana Gabaldon - “Nobody had ever told me how to do these things, ... I didn't want anyone giving me advice until I had it all figured out on my own.”
 Diana Gabaldon - “Claire travels in time. And while she and Jamie do fall in love, their story is not so much the stuff of sighs and moans (well, not just that anyway) as it is a grand adventure written on a canvas that probes the heart, weighs the soul and measures the human spirit across 10 generations. These are genre-bending novels, and that's just one of many reasons that people read them. Historical romance is not what I write, ... I've always called them historical fantasias.”