My Favorite Quotes
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 Marian Gaborik - “This was a big game against Colorado in our own division, and this is a game we really wanted. We need to win as many games as we can but not feel they're must-wins.”
 Marian Gaborik - “It was a very big win. We battled toward the end, got some breaks and scored some goals.”
 Marian Gaborik - “We were really good tonight. The guys were hungry and we really wanted the puck and went after it. We also had fun.”
 Marian Gaborik - “I was skating for 10 days, so I felt good out there. The biggest thing is we won the game.”
 Marian Gaborik - “I was used to not having to check the defensive zone. I had to learn to adjust to it, otherwise I was going to be in the minors.”
 Marian Gaborik - “We want to finish strong and get some wins. Some guys are battling for jobs and stuff, obviously. You want to end things on a good note for the fans. They've supported us the whole time, so we want to finish the best we can.”
 Marian Gaborik - “We've got to try to find more ugly goals out there.”
 Marian Gaborik - “That's been the story this year. When we get a lot of chances, we can't really bear down. Maybe be more patient. We get a little nervous with the puck in front of the net. Try to get some ugly goals.”
 Marian Gaborik - “When the playoff picture isn't there anymore, it's hard to get motivated. But I think we are doing fine and especially these last few games we have to go out there and have fun.”
 Marian Gaborik - “It cost us the game, basically.”
 Marian Gaborik - “I had a break on him and I got it. Manny has been Mr. Consistent all year. He has made some unbelievable saves this year and he showed it again in the shootout.”
 Marian Gaborik - “As you saw against Edmonton, we can play against anybody when we're playing our system and everybody's ready. If we can be consistent in that and get some breaks, we can win some games.”
 Marian Gaborik - “That doesn't happen every day. I can feel a lot of confidence in this room right now.”
 Marian Gaborik - “This team has confidence, especially at home. Everybody is on the same page.”
 Marian Gaborik - “It gives you a boost of confidence to get that goal.”