My Favorite Quotes
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 Gabriel Claudio - “Such very limited and precious time can be put to much better use by giving priority to pending bills needed and awaited by our people.”
 Gabriel Claudio - “He's in good position to backchannel with the Senate, being vice-chairman of the Commission on Appointments and head of the house CA panel.”
 Gabriel Claudio - “Such is not the case in the Philippines where there is far greater optimism on the part of Filipinos than their counterparts in Thailand.”
 Gabriel Claudio - “Filipinos are tired of political bickering and confrontation, that is why despite the relentless agitation by the opposition, there is no upheaval against the President or the government.”
 Gabriel Claudio - “I do not think this will affect the outlook of foreign investors in the Philippines, because the Supreme Court has also ruled on the same issue already. But police authorities have to move fast and solve this case.”
 Gabriel Claudio - “Dinky and the other Cabinet members were all over her, giving her a bouquet and singing 'If We Hold On Together'.”
 Gabriel Claudio - “The opposition should be more careful and prudent about their accusations. Attorney Lozano is not with the administration.”