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 Rich Gadomski - “Based on our findings, we would advise CIO's and IT managers to be aware of the risks associated with selling retired data tapes into the used market or using so-called re-certified tape in their own data centers. In addition to buying media of unacceptable quality and performance, the uncontrolled practice of selling retired media can, in fact, allow your corporate data to end up in the wrong hands - potentially breaching corporate confidentiality policies and possibly violating government compliance regulations.”
 Rich Gadomski - “Price competition and the availability of quality scanning technology have encouraged and enabled the counterfeit tape market. We are aggressively exposing this business as it may put our customers at risk and negatively impact the perception of our quality and value of our brand. It's important that companies realize that they may be contributing to the problem by selling their used tape - or by buying from un-authorized resellers and distributors.”