My Favorite Quotes
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 Brian DeGaetano - “The performances by everyone were outstanding. A lot of the opposing coaches took notice of how we wrestled.”
 Joe Gaetano - “That's what it's going to take. You can't just go to one guy all the time. If we expect Mike to score 32 points every night, it's not going to happen.”
 Brian DeGaetano - “He won the two biggest tournaments and on the biggest stage performed the best. That was the best he's ever wrestled. He did not make one mistake the entire match.”
 Brian DeGaetano - “I guess he knew something we didn't. I'm glad he didn't listen. If the wrestlers feel momentum going a certain way, they can do that.”
 Joe Gaetano - “Give Guilford credit. They're a very scrappy team and they just wouldn't go away. They gave us all we could handle.”
 Joe Gaetano - “We went to the triangle-and-two to keep Patterson further away from the basket and to prevent their other high scorer from going off. Patterson killed us in the first half, but he seemed content to be away from the ball against the triangle-and-two.”