My Favorite Quotes
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 Alfonso Gagliano - “I can always run as an independent. I wouldn't run as a Liberal with Paul Martin as the leader.”
 John Gagliano - “I try to tell the kids to take it one match at a time and don't worry about the team score.”
 Alfonso Gagliano - “After you spend 25 years in active politics it's very hard to get away from it,”
 Alfonso Gagliano - “Politics has always interested me. Despite the bad fallout, the criticism that politicians face, I still think it's a good thing to get involved.”
 Alfonso Gagliano - “I asked my lawyer to look into the possibility of whether we should go to court, too. We'll see if justice is there for all or justice for (a) few.”
 Alfonso Gagliano - “It's not fair, he's soiling the party and soiling the reputation of people just to save his own neck. He's not just soiling the party, he's hurting the country also.”
 Alfonso Gagliano - “I know politics, I know Quebec, I know the Italian community. . . and I'm giving them a hand.”