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 Simon Gagne - “It's been a long stretch and lots of games, but we pulled it together and got some big wins.”
 Simon Gagne - “They are playing very well right now, and we had a couple good challenges against Detroit and Colorado and this one is just as tough. They are a surprising team this year and they are winning hockey games. We want to show them what we can do and get back to first place in the conference.”
 Simon Gagne - “I like the way the team's playing right now. It's tough, you go on the road and the games are tight, especially against New York, and we found a way to win a game on the road in overtime again. It shows the character the team has.”
 Simon Gagne - “In the second and third periods, we didn't compete. It was pretty much one of the worst games we played this year.”
 Simon Gagne - “We're still in first. We lost a couple games recently and they won their games so they got closer to us. It's going to be a big game. We want to stay at the top.”
 Simon Gagne - “We wanted to get back on track. You go two games without scoring a goal and it gets in your mind a bit.”
 Simon Gagne - “It was a great win for us against one of the best teams right now. We need these points. Winning at home is huge for us. We haven't really had a good stretch at home the last few games.”
 Simon Gagne - “You dont want to think about it, but its in the back of your mind. In the last two games I had some great chances. It was good to get this one tonight and now I can turn the page. It will be a lot easier to focus now.”
 Simon Gagne - “It's not supposed to be like that. But I think everybody knows that this game was maybe looking a little bit easier than Ottawa, New York and New Jersey. This may have been our toughest game this week. That's not right when you come in like that. It doesn't give respect to the other team and maybe that's what we did (Tuesday).”
 Simon Gagne - “I had no idea the puck was in. But when I went to talk to the referee, he said the puck was in. He said they called that one in from Toronto. I dont know if thats a new thing in the NHL, but its always fun when youve got those kinds of goals on your side.”
 Norm Gagne - “It hurts to lose. What we did, the things I didn't want to see us do, stay out of the box, and that's what killed us. The two five-on-three goals, that was the difference in the game.”
 Simon Gagne - “It's always fun when you got those lucky goals on your side.”
 Simon Gagne - “We tried to start better and score a couple of quick goals, and it was a big plus when we did that. Overall, I think we played pretty well defensively.”
 Simon Gagne - “You need to get a couple moves in your head. The move I did was the first move in my mind. I haven't had much success in shootouts this year and I was a little nervous on this one. Maybe this takes off some pressure and the next one will be sweeter.”
 Simon Gagne - “Some nights it's like that. Some nights it's mental. If a couple guys aren't ready, that makes a big difference. In hockey, you need all 20 guys.”
 Simon Gagne - “Practice was more relaxed. We need to be more relaxed. Last week was too intense. (Tuesday) we were relaxed and had more fun on the ice laughing and all that. Sometimes in hockey if you play too intense or too tight you don't play your best game. (Monday and Tuesday) were more relaxing days and I think that's going to show in our game (tonight).”
 Eric Gagne - “I felt all right. It was better than I thought it would be. I was kind of anxious and nervous, but it turned out all right.”
 Simon Gagne - “I haven't thought about it really. I was looking to have a good year and that's still my goal. Right now, it's a little bit higher than I expected.”
 Simon Gagne - “It's been great. It's been a while since we had a chance to do this stuff. The last time was at the start of the year in Montreal. A couple days away, putting our minds on the side and not thinking about hockey a little bit may be enough to help us rest mentally and it's something we needed right now.”
 Simon Gagne - “I haven't had much success with shootouts so I was a little nervous. Maybe next time will be a little smoother.”
 Simon Gagne - “Sometimes the energy drops after that. A lot of teams are tired now, a lot of games in a short period of time, and we just need to battle and fight through it.”
 Simon Gagne - “It's a tough time right now we're going through. We look like a tired team, but it's not an excuse. We need to play through it.”
 Simon Gagne - “He's looking for me all the time, even when I'm not open. I told him on the bench to think about himself sometimes and just shoot it. It's amazing what Peter can do with the puck.”
 Simon Gagne - “After they scored, we decided to play. It's playoff time. It's not acceptable for a team not to be ready to play. We need to find a way to get momentum right away.”
 Norm Gagne - “I told the kids that it is playoff time now and I believe that it is not always the most-talented team that wins but the one that wants it the most. That is the way we had to play.”

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