My Favorite Quotes
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 Aaron Gagnon - “Players who are going to move on in their hockey careers show up in the big games. To be a great player you have to be a great player in the playoffs.”
 Aaron Gagnon - “That shows that when we've lost, we've lost by quite a few. It's good, though, because there are always a lot of one-goal games in the playoffs.”
 Aaron Gagnon - “You can't give a good player like Dubinsky that much open ice and he made us pay.”
 Aaron Gagnon - “We played a strong game overall, but we made some critical mistakes and a good player made us pay. We can't give a player like Dubinsky that much open ice.”
 Aaron Gagnon - “We're pretty frustrated and mad right now, but we don't have any time to hang our heads. There's two big games left.”
 Bruce Gagnon - “We think this destabilizing move to put the arms race into space is not only expensive but a violation of existing treaties.”
 Bruce Gagnon - “Space technology can and does fail. When you mix plutonium into the equation, we think you're asking for trouble. It's not theoretical. It's real.”
 Aaron Gagnon - “The speed of the game stood out for me in terms of thinking quickly and making decisions. When guys get the puck on their tape it is off almost immediately and you have to learn to break to holes and understand that someone is going to be on top of you constantly.”
 Bruce Gagnon - “We're a small organization with meager resources. They feel threatened by us That tells us something.”
 Bruce Gagnon - “Space technology can and does fail on occasions. Our feeling is that as you escalate the number of these launches, sooner or later there's gonna be a tragic, tragic accident with this stuff.”
 Bruce Gagnon - “The fact is, space technology can and does fail. And when you start using nuclear materials in increasing numbers, the odds of an accident increase.”
 Aaron Gagnon - “I know my skating is my strength, but a small guy like me has to be much better than everyone else. There are some areas I need to work on my overall strength and defensive responsibilities if I want to make it to the NHL.”
 Aaron Gagnon - “We had the start we wanted, but we had a bad second period and let them back in it. A lot of bounces didn't go our way in this whole series but there's nothing we can do, so we'll have to live with it.”
 Aaron Gagnon - “I've been putting too much pressure on myself all season to go out and score all the time. I have to lose some of that weight. If I just go out and play my hardest, good things will happen.”
 Aaron Gagnon - “Give them credit for a lot of blocked shots, but I know I had a couple that I tried to force and just missed the net. Those are the ones you have to bear down on and get them on goal.”
 Aaron Gagnon - “I haven't played as well or as consistent as I would have liked and haven't really got it going. I'm not going to use the hand as an excuse. It's fine now.”
 Paul Gagnon - “My main concern is that we really get the transportation plan for the project done right.”