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 Chan Gailey - “Obviously things are set up to give him many more opportunities. The key is to complete more of the things that are set up.”
 Chan Gailey - “Nobody's like them. Nobody gives us everything they give us.”
 Chan Gailey - “We need to score touchdowns and not settle for field goals in the fourth quarter.”
 Chan Gailey - “I've never had one like this - big, fast, great hand-eye coordination.”
 Chan Gailey - “We hope to get some relief next year. We'll see how it goes.”
 Chan Gailey - “It hurts you in numbers, but I don't think it hurt us otherwise. The fact that we were still on TV, can still play for an ACC championship, still go to bowls, those types of things, I don't think that hurt us.”
 Chan Gailey - “We have to continue to improve, ... That's how those young guys learn to play the game. We've been fortunate we can win two ballgames without them being involved in a critical play, but they've got to come on. They can't be behind the learning curve.”
 Chan Gailey - “We're working with so many combinations because of all the guys missing, so there was no level of consistency on either side of the ball. We had some great individual plays, but not much consistency. But I think you expect that in spring practice. Neither side should dominate.”
 Chan Gailey - “He got sick a little bit late in the week, ... It got bad (Friday) night.”
 Chan Gailey - “He got sick a little bit late in the week, ... It got bad last night.”
 Chan Gailey - “Taylor made better decisions than I thought he did during the course of the game. He rushed some things, but overall he put his team in position to win.”
 Chan Gailey - “He did all right. He remembered a lot. He was in better shape than I thought he might be.”
 Chan Gailey - “Heavens no. We thought we'd be holding on.”
 Chan Gailey - “Everybody outside the locker room thought that was going to happen. The only people who thought we were going to win are in that locker room.”
 Chan Gailey - “They executed very well I thought. They did a great job of execution. We didn't do a good job of getting people in the right spots to defend like we needed to do.”
 Chan Gailey - “They thought that was the winning edge, ... It 's not the winning edge he is the winning edge. They learned that the hard way because they lost the battle, and I realized that I've been dealing with its a lot in my life.”
 Chan Gailey - “I'd like for him to be more accurate, ... I thought he rushed a few things. The game will slow down for him, it will. The next time he walks out there, he'll see things more clearly.”
 Chan Gailey - “The game will slow down for him the next time. He will see things better, anticipate things better. I think he will have a much better feel in his next game.”
 Chan Gailey - “Big plays are the key. If you can keep teams from making the big plays, then you have a chance to keep them from scoring. They have a hard time going the length of the field on our defense,”
 Chan Gailey - “We faced it straight up every time.”
 Chan Gailey - “I think our team is excited about the destination. You want this to be a reward. You want them to have a good time and enjoy where they are. We've got a game to play we realize the importance of that and we want to play well.”
 Chan Gailey - “They didn't do anything fancy or unusual that we haven't worked on, but when you play them, you have to get ready for a ton of stuff. When you haven't spent a ton of time on something, sometimes they get you, and they got us good.”
 Chan Gailey - “Any time you have a brand new quarterback, things function differently. Everybody has certain talents and abilities, and you're trying to turn things toward that. But you don't just turn everything on a dime. It takes time.”
 Chan Gailey - “He has got to do his part. But something we lose sight of from time to time, he is a part of the equation, but he is not the full equation.”
 Chan Gailey - “It takes time to get everybody on the same page. Jason Campbell had certain abilities and Cox has certain abilities. We'll have to adjust accordingly.”

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