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 Stan Gaines - “He asked us to give him a fresh start, to go in with no preconceived notions. It's been a roller coaster. It's tough because we all felt strongly about the old coaching staff. He wants to give us a fresh start and that's what we've got to do for him.”
 Sundiata Gaines - “I have to give it to him. He had a great game.”
 David Gaines - “It's stuff you've got to do when you are a soldier. I just hope the next year goes fast.”
 David Gaines - “We've had a late start to the West Nile virus season partially because of the unseasonably cool spring.”
 Ernest Gaines - “The mark of fear is not easily removed.”
 Deb Gaines - “It's been a long time since (P-W) has been in our region. Back then only one team got out so there was a lot of pressure. With the regional this year, you don't want to close your eyes at all because I'm not real sure what some of these schools bring.”
 Deb Gaines - “I think the girls know that this program will be remembered for a long time. I am very proud of all of them, they continue to work hard and still respond to my tactics. We hope we can continue to win and build on the program, and hope others feel like we did something special.”
 Deb Gaines - “We have great fans and a great support group. We have a lot of people that travel far and wide for us, and I have my own group of alumni girls that support me so much that it just brings tears to my eyes and warms my hear.”
 Stan Gaines - “It's a change. You've got to have an open mind about it and give him a clean start. We've heard good and bad things about him. He's probably heard the same thing about us. It's my last go-round, so whoever is on the ship is on the ship. I transferred from Minnesota, so I totally understand the situation.”
 Stan Gaines - “I don't know what standards and what ramifications he's being judged by. All I can say is nothing of good things about him and I enjoyed being around him for the last couple of years.”
 Ludwig Gaines - “We have identified three organized gangs and four neighborhood crews operating within the city. For a lot of youth these gangs offer some type of structure to their lives. Gangs and crews provide a pseudo-family component.”
 Mark Gaines - “We want to provide a forum for people working within city and county governments to see what's new in the sustainable movement, and give them tools to achieve their goals of building sustainable projects in their own communities. We'll also have case studies and dialogue sessions where private developers can talk to local government officials about their concerns.”
 Sundiata Gaines - “When a team lets you hang around like that, you're supposed to win. That was a good opportunity for us.”
 Gay Gaines - “The Democrats and other liberal groups try to make it look like CPB is run by a bunch of right-wingers that will interfere with the news. We can't and we don't.”
 Mark Gaines - “Any food service professionals can make appointments to test the latest ovens, griddles, fryers and other equipment at no charge.”
 Stan Gaines - “You hear all types of things and you try to not listen to it. I was shocked when he told us this morning. I enjoyed playing for him. I don't know what standard he's being judged by, but I can say nothing but good things about him.”
 David Gaines - “A lot of people who have never seen Christ School play before will be in our gym (tonight). It's a wonderful opportunity for our team. At the end of the day, this game doesn't have any bearing on standings. I just hope we come away from this game feeling better prepared for the rest of our schedule.”
 Stan Gaines - “It's not so much the margin of victory, it's more so that everyone got a chance to contribute and we actually played well. It felt good to actually perform offensively and defensively.”
 Deb Gaines - “It will be fun for us. Nothing is set in stone but if the girls perform to their potential they'll do well.”
 Deb Gaines - “She is our main leader and always performs with passion.”
 David Gaines - “The disease is no longer a novelty to people, and sometimes owners take it upon themselves to diagnose their horse with West Nile and put him down before ever confirming it, ... It may be a true decline, but the numbers may not be as true as we are seeing.”
 Ernest Gaines - “Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands”
 Sundiata Gaines - “A lot of times we rushed. The crowd was getting excited and loud, and we were rushing quick passes. As a team, we need to come together a little better, especially in the times things aren't going well.”
 Gay Gaines - “I feel strongly that our country needs good public broadcasting and it needs to be an honest broker of the news. I think when people get the most upset, it's about the news.”
 Deb Gaines - “We were pretty consistent for all three rounds. We really turned it up tonight.”

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