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 Bob Gainey - “Taking the point after being behind two goals is a pretty good result for us.”
 Pamela Gainey - “She's having to play a lot of minutes even with that hand.”
 Mike Gainey - “Chastain has been the unsung hero for us as a senior. It's real tough to ask a senior to play behind a kid or come off the bench when he wants to be a star. But he has actually just taken Alonzo underneath his wing and he's been mentoring. He's been the sixth man. He brought the leadership tonight and he carried the team.”
 Bob Gainey - “You see the scores while checking the penalties, but you hope the other teams are looking at your score.”
 Mike Gainey - “Greg is a quiet individual. You really don't know what he's done until after the game is over with. During the course of the game, we expect more out of him and the stats speak for themselves. He's our key guy and we've just got to keep it rolling.”
 Bob Gainey - “We had created a small space for ourselves between seventh and ninth place. When I added things up in my mind, it wasn't instinct, it wasn't gut feeling. It just seemed like the right thing to do given our schedule.”
 Bob Gainey - “I thought we made some critical, glaring mistakes.”
 Bob Gainey - “Markov raised his game to the level I thought he would.”
 Mike Gainey - “We've had too many distractions and disciplinary problems this week. Some guys have other agendas. I thought at the half we'd have momentum, but we had two or three costly turnovers and couldn't bounce back.”
 Bob Gainey - “It's an exciting time,”
 Bob Gainey - “We're not talking in terms of winning the series we're talking about taking each game one at a time.”
 Bob Gainey - “It's come at a great time. We've been trying to take advantage of it by not backing off or being complacent. At this time of year, where we sit in our conference, those are really strong points for us.”
 Bob Gainey - “That may change, but right now we're at the time of the year when playing games, results and standings are what's important.”
 Bob Gainey - “Right now, every time he plays, it's like a challenge. He was well rested, he was ready and he needed to be because his counterpart in the other net was also sharp.”
 Bob Gainey - “I think it was the right reaction to the moment. We paid a price, but it wasn't too costly this time.”
 Bob Gainey - “I'm the one who's responsible and this gives time for Guy to get comfortable with the team and the players. It's more fair for myself to step in and take responsibility until the end of the season.”
 Bob Gainey - “Our power play hung in there. Even though we didn't get the ultimate reward of a goal, we had possession time in the offensive zone, we had shots, we had scoring chances. If they're working at it and doing the things you need to do to create chances but not scoring, it's still positive for your team.”
 Bob Gainey - “I don't think it's reasonable for him to be skating and feeling the way he would need to for next Tuesday. But five or six days after that, which is a pretty big chunk of time, is the window that the doctors are talking about.”
 Pamela Gainey - “Turning the ball over and over again like that, you can't beat anybody. A lot of times we had chances. Two-on-one, the basic stuff, and we just turned the ball over.”
 Bob Gainey - “He was possibly coming back in (Monday) night, but didn't really feel like it. He feels better today, so we'll see (Wednesday).”
 Bob Gainey - “Where we are today, we're above that (playoff) line. We're in better shape today than we were a week ago.”
 Bob Gainey - “You have to enjoy when you win, that's part of the package. We will, at some point, kind of let go of last night and turn our direction toward tomorrow night. I think that's fine when people have a little bit of fun.”
 Bob Gainey - “It's important for the confidence of this team to know what we can go 20, 40, 50 minutes without giving up a goal. We went through a stretch where we had trouble putting consecutive periods together.”
 Mike Gainey - “We went back to the basic things, try to cause some turnovers. They've always seemed to have trouble with (the trap defense). We're just so tall and so long, if we can keep our hands up and in the passing lanes we can create turnovers.”
 Bob Gainey - “Jose was a victim of an unfortunate accident and we all feel for him. He will get on with his rehabilitation as soon as the condition of his heel allows him to do so. We hope to have him back in time to help the team down the final stretch.”

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