My Favorite Quotes
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 Joseph Gaj - “Every time I get a letter, I know what it is. Everyone is almost gone.”
 Joseph Gaj - “One time I was going to stick my head out and see what was going on. The other guy said don't you do that and he pulled me back down.”
 Michael Czugaj - “I would never put my family in any danger and I would do anything to keep my family from harm's way. I am sure any person would do the same as I have done.”
 Joseph Gaj - “I was very happy to have served my country.”
 Joseph Gaj - “There were a lot of sad times. Sometimes you got really depressed that you didn't care whether you made it or not, but things always came together.”
 Michael Czugaj - “In all honesty, I should not have been so blind to this, this so-called holiday.”