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 Joe Galante - “We realized we'd be down as an industry this year. We didn't have the same caliber of releases and in the same quantity.”
 Joe Galante - “I still think the year is going to end up down for us, as it will for the overall industry. There are no late releases that are going to save us for the year. We'll just do better than the rest of the world.”
 Joe Galante - “Labels do a lot of things besides manufacture and sell records. We market musicians, we get radio stations to play songs, we help produce tracks and guide musical careers. Wal-Mart doesn't have an expertise in those things.”
 Don Galante - “We're basically marking time into the PPI and CPI numbers.”
 Joe Galante - “There is nothing here that forces us to get a record out right away. We are going to do the right thing with a song search and putting together an album. That gives us time. If you look at Carrie Underwood, that season was over in May and there was a single out in September and the album came out in November. We have a chance for this person to hit the various markets. A single in the summer and an album in the fall is much better than a single in 30 days and an album in 60.”
 Don Galante - “At some point next year I do anticipate the Fed is going to take back some of the liquidity it pumped in. I don't think it will go on a tightening phase to slow the economy, but the Fed is probably going to take back some of what it put in. That's the trade in the second half of the year.”
 Don Galante - “The bottom line is we have to wait for these numbers between now and the next meeting.”
 Kim Galante - “This should be one of the first area ice festivals this year with weather suited for the event.”
 Kim Galante - “The festival is just a wonderful time. Usually the winter is so drab and cold, so the festival gives families a chance to go outside and enjoy the city.”
 Kim Galante - “We really think people will enjoy being able to watch these students and see what goes into making a sculpture.”
 John Galante - “The officiating crew even told us what a great game it was while they were giving us the instructions for overtime. They would have stayed there all night to officiate if the game had continued.”
 Joe Galante - “It certainly was evident the night she won.”
 Joe Galante - “It brought us to a city that doesn't normally put us on the map. When you look at the media going into the show, it was double in terms of coverage on the networks and in print. On all levels, we got more bang for the buck.”
 John Galante - “Athletes make plays and they made plays. They are a very, very good football team. They're too good for our league.”
 John Galante - “Each year you look at the schedule and it's almost like you're chalking up a loss to St. Mary's. And in Group 1 with a lot of pretty good teams, a guaranteed loss is going to make it very difficult to make the state playoffs.”
 Joe Galante - “For Waylon, it was always about the music. The only spotlight he ever cared about was the one on him while he was onstage. It wasn't about the awards or events. He was an original and a pioneer in terms of creating his own sound. This is a great loss for the music world.”
 John Galante - “This validates what we've been telling the guys, as coaches, in terms of how the game should be played, and what the end result could be. Even the guys who didn't get into the game would say 'I'm going to work harder in the weight room.' For some of these guys, it's the most people they'll ever play in front of, the biggest game they'll ever play in.”
 Matt Galante - “We proved to the people of Italy and to the Italian federation that we can play at this level. We can play with the big boys.”
 Joe Galante - “My experience is that country gets upset when you take a record to top 40 or AC before you take it to them or if you're working a record simultaneously, ... but we're not. We're working two separate records.”
 Joe Galante - “I got a phone call from Alan's manager, saying he was going to do a recording of gospel songs for his mom. He was just going to make a CD copy for her. I said I'd love to hear it.”
 John Galante - “It's great to see traditional control and custom market leaders like Vantage along with custom newcomers like EI and Intel bringing digital technology platforms to the forefront at EHX. There's no doubt, EHX is the place for custom integrators and retailers to get a handle on the technology changes that are revolutionizing our industry.”
 Joe Galante - “There was a concern at one moment. There was that small matter of a marriage in the middle of the recording process. We were still doing the tour, filming the special. There was a lot going on. He wasn't able to write the way he wanted to write until the end of that record. We were all kind of jumping.”
 Matt Galante - “You have to understand that was the first outing he's had all spring. You're probably not going to have your best command in your first outing. I thought he kept us in the game and that's all we really wanted from him.”
 Joe Galante - “It kind of hits you right between the eyes. It's really emotional and just classic Alan Jackson. The thing that struck me the most about it was I felt like I was sitting in church with him. When you listen to the songs, there's so much inspiration in them.”
 Matt Galante - “He's been in big-league camp and he's been throwing a little more than the other guys. He can probably give us more innings at this point than most of the guys. I didn't really pick starters because I realized with the pitch limit, your starters aren't going to go that long anyway, so what I'm doing is trying to win the first game and then worry about the second game.”

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