My Favorite Quotes
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 Rich Galen - “I certainly hope this is as bad as it gets. I hope this is the nadir of the last three months.”
 Rich Galen - “What is so frustrating is that this is a problem of their own making. I have no idea why they didn't see the politics of this.”
 Rich Galen - “I would be surprised to see the White House scaling back on anything. That would be an admission they are operating from a position of weakness.”
 Rich Galen - “Republicans are not so angry at the president that they want to vote for the other guy. They just stayed home,”
 Rich Galen - “Republicans regard Dean as one of their best secret weapons, I have yet to find a Democrat who, in private chatter, doesn't think he's a problem for them.”
 Rich Galen - “I'm surprised it's not even worse, ... beginning to scratch their heads.”
 Rich Galen - “That entire doctrine has come and gone. Now the doctrine is you respond instantaneously, and where possible with a strong counterattack. A lot of that is because of the Internet, a lot of that is because of cable TV news.”
 Rich Galen - “He's learned that the election is over - and now he's free to acknowledge that course change doesn't necessarily mean a mistake.”
 Rich Galen - “If any Democrat campaigns against them by saying they are Bush clones, they can say, 'Oh yeah What about the Dubai ports deal For most members, they have established as much distance from the president as they need.”
 Rich Galen - “If the president vetoes it, I believe based on my e-mails from members of Congress the veto will be overridden.”
 Rich Galen - “Departments didn't talk to departments, agencies didn't talk to agencies, and then, once the news reached the White House, the White House didn't think to talk to Congress. It's almost unprecedented.”
 Rich Galen - “If the president vetoes it, I believe based on my e-mails from members of Congress the veto will be overridden.”
 Rich Galen - “...If Forbes gets out of the race this week, it will make McCain's hill a bit steeper to climb in South Carolina,”
 Rich Galen - “The president is bristling because he finds it hard to believe that anybody, especially his own allies, believe that for one second he would do anything to harm American security. Hopefully, calmer heads will prevail and events will transpire that let everybody climb back from the ledge. But they better climb back pretty fast.”
 Rich Galen - “I would be shocked if a legitimate Republican candidate, not just a fringe candidate, who got word that the president was coming to do a fundraiser, said, 'No, don't come to my district.”
 Rich Galen - “You don't have to be a political genius to sniff the smell of blood in the water.”
 Rich Galen - “It just sounds like it was amateur hour.”