My Favorite Quotes
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 Alex Nogales - “We're seeing the fruits of our labor. We've been pushing for this for so long.”
 Alex Nogales - “The older you were, the more likely to be sitting there wincing. The younger people were laughing along.”
 Alex Nogales - “We never doubted the networks wanted to change. It takes a while for the people at the top to get it and translate that message to the people at the bottom.”
 Eva Nogales - “The virus is able to overcome the requirement for a large number of cellular factors.”
 Rick Gales - “We're able to just make more trips during the day. It's the big storms that get us into overtime.”
 Alex Nogales - “Of course. This is part and parcel of being a Latino and having the responsibility to safeguard our community. The more visible ones have to take a stand. They can't always be safe.”
 Eva Nogales - “What we were able to do is compare the binding site of both the viral RNA and the cells' cap binding protein on a factor that is common to both mechanisms in eIF3. The binding cap is one of the complexes required by the cell, but not required by the virus. For translations, this cup binding protein has to interact with the eIF3.”
 Alex Nogales - “I remember the (black) civil rights struggle, when we had people like Harry Belafonte coming forth and being at the head and knowing the subject matter really well. We're missing that here.”